Why is Vegas known as sin city?


I didn't know prostitution was legal. Is that true? Or just true in Vegas?

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  • SFdude
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    1 decade ago
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    Where do I start? Las Vegas is the epitome of everything religion despises. Hence, the "Sin City" label.

    Gambling 24/7.

    Alcohol on sale 24/7 (and allowed on the street).

    Strip clubs open 24/7.

    Risque production shows.

    Pornography is everywhere. Not to mention the many trade conventions Vegas hosts for those sex workers.

    Frivolous six hour marriages (ahem, Britney Spears).

    Conspicuous consumption that leads to gluttony and greed.

    Corruption and graft is rampant among the political and business communites in Vegas. Although officially no longer a "mob town", there are still plenty of shady dealings going on.

    Prostitution is technically illegal in Clark County, but it is widely tolerated. Moreover, the State of Nevada has no laws against it, so you can legitimately go to a brothel in some parts of the state.

  • Prostitution IS NOT legal In the city of Las Vegas.

    It Is called Sin City cause Gambling Is known to be a sin In religions.

  • JuanB
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    1 decade ago

    Start with legalized gambling. Then that attracts luxurious entertainment including sex, drinking, rock and roll, and more gambling.

    No. Actually technically prostitution is legal in the State of Nevada, but illegal in Las Vegas City Limits. But that means there are several brothels on the outskirts of town. But the strip clubs are open 24 hours a day, just like the gambling.

  • K
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    1 decade ago

    Las Vegas is known as Sin City because it's easy to sin there- you can gamble, drink (often for free), go to strip clubs, go to clubs, etc. Prostitution exists in Las Vegas, but it's illegal. There are brothels outside of Las Vegas (the closest one is about two hours away) where you can pay women for their services, but prostitution in Las Vegas is not legal.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    legalized gambling. legalized prostitution. 24 hour alcohol sales....and um...other stuff.

    yes there are legalized houses of prostitution in vegas. it's all very strange. if you are at a motel you can make a call and either go to a house or have a girl/guy come to you. these are the licensed girls and guys. they must be checked out once a month to keep their license, (for aids and other VD's). a lot of the houses play to fantasies and stuff but also do straight sex. it's very weird and very clinical. it's a tourist thing.

    but also you have rampant illegal prostitution. (i.e. HO's operating on the streets outside of states mandated controls) so, it's a sin city for real! ps cost you about 350 for a legal ho with a limo ride to the ranch. straight sex and no kink! 'bout an hour with the concubine.

    check out the movie, "leaving las vegas" sometime.

    and yeah, i'm sorry. i miss - spoke. prostitution is illegal in vegas but very much legal outside the city limits in nevada. but ity still adds to that name, sin city. my bad. sorry!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    all the strip clubs and prostitution is legal in Nevada, but it is Not legal in any counties that have population of more than 50,000, but beware, there are a lot of escort services, and a good number of so called working girls. They are not listed in the phone book, but in some of the counties north of Vegas their are some legal houses of prostitution, like a city called Plumpunk, out toward the dersert

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sin City is the tourist campaign. You can gamble and see show girls.

    And to anyone who says that Las Vegas goes against all religion- get over yourself. There are plenty of VERY religious, very good people who live and work in Las Vegas.

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    Don't believe it, it's not true. That guy who wrote that has NO idea what he is writing about. The bust, the females on Tropicana alllll the time, seriously it's not legal BUT if that's what you want (not saying you do, even if you did who cares) it's extremely easy to find and 99% of the time you aren't going to get in any trouble.

    Vegas is called Sin City (in my opinion) because normal people come to Vegas to do things out of their norm. You have mid-aged normal husbands and wives that come from small mid-western towns that have three somes, do a little drugs, get drunk and blow money on gambling. Then they go home and tell their friends oh we just gambled and went to the Blue Man Group.

  • Zippy
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    1 decade ago

    Let me clear this Up it all a big mistake from the Sinatra Days Sin city is Sinatra's City Get it Actually Vegas is a Adult Playground and Each visitor is welcome to Let lose but There are some rules of conduct that even I adhere to

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    Primarily, it is a gambling city. And where there is gambling,

    other forms of extraordinary things happen like prostitution. &

    racketeering.It also became the haven of famous gangster

    like Al Capone and bosses of the Mafia.Though categorically

    it is called as sin city, it is now one of the most sought tourist spots in U.S.A.

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