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make up a story with this line...?

when i went outside, I saw A..........................(finish my story)

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    last night, when i went outside i saw a vision that will never leave my memory for as long as i will live.

    there standing in the shimmering moonlight of my desolate street was a lycra encumbered old man, dancing the salsa. his sequin outfit seemed to shimmer in the moonlight, and his pelvic thrusts were more than any 20 something girl should be able to take at 2 in the morning from an old, wrinkly man.

    i stood disgusted at the sight, my mouth slightly agape, and bvery near to dry retching. but my incessant eyes seemed glued to the horrid sight, especially when he began to start an exotic strip dance in front of dog that had darted from a nearby street. the dogh stood puzzled for a while, its ears flicking, in a puzzled stance, then it too deciding the situation all too kinky and dangerous at the same time for him to stick around alone.

    with my hands firmly clasping my car keys, i decided a midnight drive was no longer on the agenda, and crept as quietly as possible back to my front door, being as subtle as i could to escape the oddly errotic grandpa figure.

    suddenly a spot light errupted from a second floor window of a neighbouring house, and then... another. and another and another.

    music suddenly boomed around my street, and the elderly man, (who i suddenly had the strangest feeling was a man i had seen in the nearby nursing home, and seemed to have a fetish for all things white and tighty,) began a semi-cheerleader routine, as well as any man in their 90s could with knobbly knees and two hip replacements.

    he spun, he lept, he tumbled, and then quite awkwardly, backflipped and came to face me with his knobbly finger pointing directly in my face.

    i had tried to make myself as small as possible while the entire affair had been unfolding, and was currently in a half crouch squat, with my dressing gown unflatteringly gaping around my flimsy nightgown.

    panic suddenly took hold, as the man unwaveringly stared my down, continuing to point at my being as though accusing me of the poor state of hsi dance.

    his piercing eyes bore down into mine, and then suddenly he stood.

    and raised his eyes to his face.

    and... pulled off his wrinkles and saggy jowls and liver spots.

    and revealed..... revealed..."JORDAN!! YOU PRICK!!!" I screamed as realisation dawned on me.

    my brother fell to the pavement in hysterics, howling with laughter and tears streaming down his face.

    "you-you... you should have seen your FACE!!" he wheezed as he slowly rose to his feet once more. "I had no idea, you had such a fetish for old men in dance outfits!! man... we were expecting dad to catch the routine after his boys night... but....but....YOU!!..." he renewed his cackling and suddenly i was aware of more laughter echoing around the street. my eyes widened in embarressment as i realised Jordan's friends were coming out of the shadows... and one... one with a video camera.

    i froze. "you filmed this??" i whispered.

    Jordan looked up, wiping a tear from his eye, trying to suppress more laughter.

    "sure did. and its going to be AWESOME material for our year 12 concert."

    and at that moment. i knew i was going to die. and the worst thing was i couldnt move until the boys had left. the warm puddle gathering at my feet made sure of that.

    STORY COMPLETE!! not as funny as i would have liked.

    but ok :)

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    when i went outside , i saw a fire breathing dragon in the sky.. standing thier so shocked and amazed. If flew towards me and would fly straight up out of sight..I ran around the street looking at the sky trying to find this wonderful creature hoping for another look. Just then it landed behind me and without hesitation i jumped on its back and off to the sky we went.

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    when i went outside, i saw a little chinese boy running down the street naked and i just had to smile. Just seeing that little fella run made me feel proud about myself. :)

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    when i went outside, I saw A....

    a big bird just infront of me..... so i take a grabb of that big bird..... then suddenly.............................................................

    it flew away... then i continue walking..... till i got tired and so decided to go home.... and take a long nap.........

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    a fat anorexic guy

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