Socks? All the time?

Is it stupid to wear socks during summer too? Like I have this habit of wearing socks all the time whole year but my friends say it's weird and that i should wear it only during winter

am i really being weird or is it ok to wear em

i dnt wana luk lyk a complete idiot if ne1 visits me home

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    1 decade ago
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    If you like wearing socks and it doesn't make you too hot in the summer, then do it. Don't let your friends' opinions stop you from being yourself.

    But you can't wear socks and sandals with shorts in the summer - that is just too geeky.

    At home, what does it matter - if someone comes visiting you can take the socks off if you want. Or not, its your home after all.

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    Okay, here's the deal with socks:

    NOT with, never, ever, ever.

    To run around your house in without shoes on; if you want to, fine, if you wanna go barefooty, fine also. Whenever you want, summer, winter, whatever makes your feet cozy.

    DO not wear socks with sandals. EVER. It looks really really weird. Even if they're cute sandals. Oh, especially if they're cute sandals!

    If you like to wear socks to bed, go for it. Where do you think the phrase "knock your socks off" got started?

    DO not wear socks with sandals. EVER. Especially not knee-hi hosiery/stockings. Ewww!

    Summer or winter, it is better always to wear socks if you are wearing closed shoes, because you will be much less likely to get athlete's foot fungus problems. Provided you change them at least once a day.

    DO not wear socks with sandals. EVER. Unless you actually want teenies to giggle about you behind your back.

    Keep 'em clean!


    P.S. Remember, DO not wear socks with sandals. EVER.

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    There's nothing wrong [[socially]] if you wear socks all the time, just as long as your comfortable [[cause that's what really matters]]! But iv'e been told my whole life that if you wear socks all the time it's not good for your feet..cause they need to breath [[sounds weird but it's true]] so try not to wear them 24/7 maybe take them off once in a while, and if your not comfortable being bare footed around people, then take them off when your alone or when your sleeping. =]

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    I wear socks all the time too. I think it's fun and comfortable to run around the house in sock feet. My advice: Put your socks on and leave your shoes off all summer!

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    This is a personal choice. If you prefer to wear socks year-round, there's nothing wrong with that. If others don't like it- too bad. As long as your feet & socks are clean, it's OK. I mean, do we live in a free country or not?!! You have the right!!

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    Socks are fine as long as you wear appropriate shoes--Please,please,please dont wear socks with flip-fops or sandals, and for goodness sakes not with soccer/sports slides.

    Sneakers and casual shoes....socks are a must anyway. Other wise your feet will smell. You dont want to be the smelly friend do you? LOL

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    1 decade ago

    i wear socks right now. But not with sandals or anything. In my own home i do. Who cares what your friends say. If you want to wear socks wear socks.

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    1 decade ago

    In my opinion socks are the best thing... I hate, and i know many people who hate, bare feet... If you are wearing sandals, don't wear socks... but with shoes it is a must...

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    1 decade ago

    actually i wear socks during the summer, but it is usually when I'm exercising.

    it is okay to wear socks and you are not weird for doing it, but i imagine that your feet get pretty sweaty!

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    Hi. My uncle wears socks all the time. He never goes bearfoot and he never wears sandals. So I would say just wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

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