Do you have to have a seperate bedroom for a child under 18?

My daughter and her fiance' live in St. Louis County, Missouri. They went to renew their lease and the landlord told them that becuase they had a child under 18 years of age (the child is 7 months old), that she had to get a 2 bedroom apartment because of the "fair housing act" . It is only her, the fiance' and the baby in the 1 bedroom apartment.

I have never heard of anything to this sort and was wondering:

1) Is there such an act

2) If there is such an act or law, how can I acquire more details to it.

It didn't make a whole lot of sense to me but I want to check into it further for her because now she thinks she has to either move or transfer to a 2 bedroom which neither is affordable to them.

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    Yes it is true. two people to a room. there is three in this case so yes they need two bedrooms. If the fiancee was to leave than her and the baby could share a room. It is the Landlord Tenant Law

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    1 decade ago

    Yes the fair housing act is a law all persons with more than 3 rental units must follow. Yes by law only two persons to a bedroom even if it is an infant as the 3rd person. Also remind your daughter that though she may wish to have her infant in her room now will she want to have a 19 month in her room? Most leases are for 12 months therefor she would be sentencing herself to a year with the baby in the room with her and her fiance...what a romance and relationship killer!

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    I have heard of this happening before. I didn't know if had to do with Fair Housing Act (doesn't sound fair). I thought Child Protective Services required that a separate bedroom be available for any child under 18 (could be wrong though). Heres some links you might find helpful.

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    It may depend on the housing codes in St. Louis County, and it also depends on whether or not she is a Sec. 8 tenant. Sec 8 definitely has requirements for separate bedrooms for children.

    You might inquire further as to what particular statute or code the landlord is referring to, since Fair Housing has nothing to do with occupancy standards.

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