I need to find cities around the world that have the same climate as San Diego California.....?

I am looking for the same climate as San Diego California. Anywhere in the world.

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    Areas right along the Mediterranean sea in Spain, France, and Italy will have very similar climates to San Diego.

    Also Cape Town, South Africa has nearly the same climate as San Diego with very similar tempertaures and rainfall patterns. From looking at the average temps and rainfall, this city seems to have the closest climate to SD. http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/businesstrav...

    Parts of Austrailia also have a very similar climate to SD. Sydney has very similar temperatures to SD but gets much more rainfall overall.

    Areas along part of Chile's coast also have a similar climate to SD.

    This article from Wikipedia shows a map of where similar climates to SD are: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mediterranean_climate

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    Climate San Diego Ca

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    Well, try this:

    Find San Diego, California on a globe. Place your finger on that location. While keeping your finger lightly on the globe, turn the globe, (clockwise or counterclockwise, it doesn't matter), allow the globe to turn under your finger, and see what other cities/places crosses under your finger and sits on the the same latitude as San Diego. More than likely, those cities have the same climate type as San Diego. The cities that share the same latitude, also share the same distance to the sun.

    Hope that helps.

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    SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - Well Los Angeles and Orange County are in such close proximity so they will have similar weather patterns. But Los Angeles gets hotter in the summer and more rain in the winter compared to San Diego. So Costal Orange County would be the best in the local area, Inland Orange County gets much hotter compared to the coastal portion.

    BAJA CALIFORNIA - Tijuana is just south of San Diego in the Mexican state of Baja California. They share similar weather patterns. 70 miles south is another major city, Ensenada. Ensenada has very nice weather too.

    HONOLULU, HAWAII - I went to Maui, one of the Hawaiian islands, a couple years ago. This reminded me of the nice weather. On wikipedia, it says Honolulu's averages temperature is generally in the low 80's. And they actually have similar rain fall patterns through out the year.

    ROME, ITALY - On woldclimate.com, it had top picks. I choose ROME and selected the LATINA area of ROME. IT has similar weather except it gets a little more hot in the summer and liltle cooler in the winter. So it doesn't hold a similar temperature all year round like San Diego but it is comparable.

    The whole thing people are saying about thing on the same longitude doesn't work. Go 200 miles east of San Diego and your in burning desert. Go a little further and you in Phoenix, Arizona which is very hot. Go to the east coast and your in Southern Humid Weather. Weather along the coast is mainly effected by the ocean and wind from around the world.

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    I'm from San Diego. People who've visited Perth, Western Australia say its climate is similar. The location needs to be on a west coast of a continent at similar latitude to be comparable, because the prevailing westerly winds coming over a large expanse of water make a huge impact on the temperature, cloud cover and rainfall. We have very few days with high winds and thunderstorms are extremely rare here.

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    Look on a globe and check out locations at approximately the same latitude.

    The south of France comes to mind. Italy, too.

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    Sicily Italy...weather practically identical

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    This is a good website for similar-climate findings:


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    Waiting on more answers before I share my view

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    I like Florida.

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