Is This a Good Fantasy Football Trade?

Someone on my fantasy football league wants to trade me WR Jerry Porter and Dallas Defense for my Chicage Defense

Note: My WR are Joey Galloway, Larry Fitzgerald, and Terrel Owens on my starter list

On my Bench for WR are Muhsin Muhammad and Reggie Brown

Also I have a San Francisco Defense as back up.

Should I take the trade? If I do take the trade which WR should I drop.

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    Absolutely not!! You already have great depth in the WR position and Jerry Porter is not even as good as either of your back ups. Though I do think the Cowboys have a great defense, it would be a mistake to think they could even come close to putting up the same fantasy points as the Bears. This trade would definitely hurt you so I would avoid it.

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    Dont make that trade!!!! Chicago has a better defense than Dallas, if not the most explosive and highest scoring defense in the league, and you already have a very solid wide receiving corps. Porter isnt going to be a factor in fantasy football because Oakland doesnt have anything going for them. No running game, an unproven rookie QB in the NFL, and no other supporting receivers to take pressure and double teams off of Porter. You wouldnt improve anything by making this trade. Hope this helps, good luck this season!!!

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    1 decade ago

    Dont do it for a WR especially porter. See if you can fill another need. Here is the truth. The top rated Defense is that much better than the 5th.

    In the past 3 years the Lions D has a few points less than the Dolphins D.

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    Brown would be the drop, but it's not at all clear that Jerry Porter will do much more than him this year. Chicago's defense is solid enough and the D in "Big D" might get a little smaller without Parcells pulling the reins. If I were you, I'd let this trade idea go. If you do take it, I'd consider packaging Galloway and trying to get someone better than Porter thrown in.

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  • 1 decade ago already have one of the best defenses and he wants to give you a WR with an unproven QB. You already have good WR's and if you look at the Fantasy value from last year (depending how your league is set up) the Bears D outscored all WR's.

    Reggie Brown will have a 900+ yard season with 7-8 td's

  • Why would u want to give up the number one scoring defense and special teams ? Thats crazy , dont do it guy.

    If u do drop Porter lol , who knows how he is going to be? Thats the problem i have with people doing leagues so early. You dont know whos going to be on teams or what injuries will take place in camps. I wish people will wait till atleast the start of preseason. Good luck though.

    p.s. Id probably drop the niners d , they are in a rough division with great offenses and they have a really tough schedule against teams with high powered offenses.

    Have fun in your league , good luck.

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    no that is a horrible trade, you dont need another WR, and to give up the chicago D is wayyyyy tooooo much for jerry porter. also, i would suggest starting reggie brown over joey galloway.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Don't make the trade.

    Jerry Porter is very talented, but probably won't get the ball much this year. Plus you'd just be downgrading from Chicago's defense to Dallas's.

  • 1 decade ago

    Absolutely not. Dallas DEF and Porter for Bear DEF is sooo not fair. Reject the trade.

  • 1 decade ago

    no keep the nasty chicago defense, jerry porter is not going to do anything this year and you have stacked wrs so u dont need him but you do need chicago d

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