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Who should the New York Mets trade before the trading deadline?

And Why!

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    I agree that the Mets really shouldn't trade anybody. They need to get their fire back and remember the confidence they had last year. Yeah it sucked that we lost to the Cards (what a waste!) but we were playing good up until that series. They have the talent and the potential to win not only one world series, but several. Some of them may be playing hurt, but the majority of the team is healthy and they still aren't hitting like they can be.

    BUT...if I had a wish to trade anybody, it would be Lastings Milledge. I would trade that punk in a heartbeat. Plus, I think we would be able to get some good talent for him because I don't think many teams hear about his antics and attitude. Unfortunately, for some reason, Omar refuses to let this idiot go.

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    No one this is a very good team.

    Needs to gel.

    if no trade, morale will be high by the players.

    I hope no one does anything stupid in the back offices.

    This is a team that can go places.

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    If they get everybody back and stay healthy, theres no need to make a trade; and they win the WS.

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    hes gettin old and i mean last year when they were in the playoffs where was there ace? sittin on the bench with his screwed arm.

    they trade, they win

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