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In your opinion, what is the best .380 ACP for the money?

I have always been one to carry a small 9mm like a Taurus PT111 Millennium Edition ( my first gun ) I now carry a Millennium Pro IIIPTi-12. At 16 ounces and the size, you can't beat it for a self defense weapon. Anyway I was looking for a real nice .380 as backup weapon. I do no not have a ton of money to spend. Any opinions? Thanks ahead of time : )

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    Bersa Thunder! My father and uncle have the blued version, I have the nickel version and just convinced my friend to purchase the two-tone which he got for 225USD. I researched the heck out of this little thing and have yet to come across a bad review! I love my Bersa and can bet any other owner would agree!

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