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Bikini wax...?

If I am looking to wax myself for the first time, whst is a good product to use and do you have any goot tips or techniques?

Is it safe to wax your scrotum?

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    First you need to trim down to about a quarter inch. Just do small areas at a time. DO NOT wax the scrotum!!! There is a sugar product that I tried but I don't remember the name. You should get someone to actually do the work because you will need to lay back and hold on tight.

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    depends on what you want. the hollywood is all the rage at the moment (thats ALL off.) brazillian leaves a little landing strip in the middle at the front (like hitlers tash just the wrong way around lol) the normal bikini wax is just your bikini line to stop any stray hairs from poking out the sides! a lot of people that have had waxing done feel that removing hair makes them feel better about themselves, looks better and feels cleaner. personally ive tried all of them, hair removal feels nicer but it depends if you can put up with the wax bumps (i have real sensative skin so i get them really badly) which can be sore and the patchyness when the hair starts coming through! if your not too sure about it what i can suggest is possibly cutting the hair shorter, doing some pruning so to speak if you only have a bikini wax then its still neat and tidy either way! :)

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    Wait a minute.. are you sure? Just trim with scissors, mate.

    You are going to get really itchy a couple days after its done.. and waxing causes ingrown hairs.. very uncomfortable.. and pretty ugly with all those red blotches all over your privates.

    YOU sahve your scrotum.. sit in a hot bath for 20 minutes to soften the skin as much as possible and use a sharp razor.. They will grow back in two - 3 days and make you itchy so you have to do it all again before then.

    By the way.. men don't ever get a "bikini wax" .... if at any time you are making a porn movie you get a back sak and crack job.

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    Men and Bikini Wax...well that doesn't mix. Be a man, use a razor

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    Sorry no tips but this is to wish you best of luck!

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    Apply hairspray or gasoline to your pubic hair and ignite.

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    thats gonna hurt so bad just shave

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