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I send donations monthly to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary?

I also send to the Humane Society. Who do you donate to if anyone? Which is the better one to send money to, which one do the animals benefit from more?

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    I donate to the Pet Smart Charities. I donate whenever I shop for my pets, in this way I don't miss the extra monies. Also, I sent my old cell phone and my empty ink cartridges. They provided the envelopes and you just drop them in the mail. Easy. And since they are 'regulated' I feel comfortable that the monies go to a worthy place.

    I have included the link.

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    I donate to the ASPCA, which you donate $20 a month for a certain dog/cat/other animal. They then use the money to care for that specific animal.

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    1 decade ago

    UNICEF is a organization that is my main interest and I don't always send donations but I do volunteer my time.

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