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Tap water...?

I want to use my tap water for my aquarium. I know that I have to let it sit for 24 hours before putting it in. Is there anything else I could buy to remove any unwanted chemicals from the tap water? Should I use a dechlorinater before use?

Let me know what I need before I use the tap.

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    Actually, dechlorinator (water conditioner) is what you should use. It is well proven to be completely harmless to fish and extremely effective in neutralizing a number of potentially harmful elements. Letting it just sit doesn't get rid of other metals in the water, it doesn't guarantee removal of chlorine (chlorine must be gassed out through surface agitation, not sitting stagnant), and it won't remove chloromines if your tap water has this in it.

    In truth, aging water is an old school idea that you don't need to do - it's wasted effort. Water conditioner works instantly. So instantly, in fact, that people are able to use a device called a 'python' that fills the tank directly from the tap, adding water conditioner to the tank while they're filling or immediately beforehand.

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    Ghapy is correct. You need a good dechlor/water conditioner. Letting your water sit does NOT remove the chemicals or the chlorene. It is a very old school and still people let it sit in hopes it will magically fix the water.

    Novaqua + is a good dechlor / water conditioner as well as Chlor out, start right there are a number on the market and available even at the local walmart.

    Just pour your tap water in to the bucket adding the proper amount of dechlor/water conditioner and (If you have no fish) pour it into the tank. Ideally if you have fish, you want to get the water as close to the tank water as you can.

    Tap water is really the best water. Don't use distilled bottled water. The PH is way too low for fish.

    Good luck with your new tank.

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    Part of it is what kind of fish you plan on having in the aquarium. As for the chemicals you may be worried about, if you use a dechlorinator then you don't have to wait the 24 hours. If you are keeping any fish from soft low pH'ed waters you may have to add a few other things to change the pH as most tap water comes out of the tap at about a pH of 7.8 - 8.4.

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    Tap water is some of the best water to use. Most city's and towns don't use chlorine, but you can call and ask if you want too. Most additives just end up pickling your fish. Most fish can adjust to different pH's and other things. Just make sure you do your weekly water changes of at least gives them more air to breath.

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    Double check what your local water is treated with. Most areas have switched from chlorine to chloramine. Unfortunately, chloramine will not evaporate like the chlorine used to so this is no longer a safe process for preparing water for your tank.

    You can buy any number of water treatments for your tap water. Make sure to read the labels to help you choose which to buy. The other problem with water treated with chloramine is that the treatment to make it safe for the fish breaks the chlorine/ammonia bond releasing both into the water. A lot of the treatments on the market will break the bond and then treat the chlorine but require another product to be purchased for the ammonia it has released.

    Contact your water company and ask what is used, then you can better decide which tap water treatment to purchase.

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    countless the water I drink is filtered faucet water and prefer that. not that there is quite something incorrect with faucet water, this is in basic terms harsher and filtered has a softer, greater friendly flavor. i don't think of i've got ever had bottled water.

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    u c i have 2 turtles and very few fish and there fresh water. what i use is this stuff called "AquaSafe." all u do is por the amount stuff in a few gallons like "add one teaspoon (5ml) for every 10 gallons." u por it in the amount of water u want and wait 2 to 3 minutes, it declorinates the water for fish, turtles, etc. and its totally safe, i use it for my turtles and i've had them for 2 to 3 years :)

    Source(s): u can buy this at any pet store that holds fish stuff.
  • well use dechlorinators that are ment for aquariums

    and you wont have to do the whole let it set for a day thing

    or you can filter you water

    or by a machine what filters your water and that does the same thing as the dechlorinator

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    actually you can buy some aqua plus and can put the water in but some don,t like chemicals so it is tottally up to you

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    use dechlorinator made for aquariums

    then u don't have to let the water sit for ages

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