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I want to hang tulle at the reception site and need some ideas, can someone help me?

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I'm with the first lady, I need more details. But I'll tell you what I've used or offered to other brides.

*Loosely lay it down the center of the tables (scrunching it to add a little height), if they are rectangle, bunch in the middle if it's circular. Intertwine ribbon in your wedding colors, greenery (ivy, honeysuckle), sprinkle confetti or chocolates, and place candles on top. If you have candles make sure they are in a container because the tulle will catch on fire.

*If you have poles, swag it between them.

*If you have windows, swag it underneath and add greenery and a candle.

*Use it on the cake table - bunching it on the cake to soften the look, sprinkle flower petals and/or ribbon in your colors.

*Have an arch at the entrance. Use greenery and white lights and tulle as the accent bows. It's a nice way to come into your reception and also makes a great backdrop for your wedding cake.

*Use them as pew or chair markers at the church or to signify important people's seats.

Tying tulle bows is easy. Make several loops in the fabric, 7 for small bows or 15-20 for larger, gather them at the base and use a rubber band to secure them. Then simply spread the fabric apart and fluff until you achieve your desired look. You can make dozens of these bows ahead of time and then just secure them to whatever you want once you get to the church or reception hall. Most establishments won't let you use tape or staples but you can use pipe cleaners or more tulle to secure the bows.

Congratulations! Hope this helps.

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Ooh, you had so many GREAT ideas, now I'm really pumped up!!!! Thanks
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  • ChayChay answered 8 years ago
    At my wedding, we hung tulle all over with white lights in them. It was very classy looking. Also, behind the cake was a big blank wall, so the lady that decorated for me took some branches (bendy craft twig???) and made them into the shape of a heart, ( a HUGE heart) she wrapped it in tulle and white lights as well. It made a lovely backdrop for many pictures. Hope this helps.
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  • ~Baby D~ answered 8 years ago
    I need a little more detail to be specific with you. Of the top of my head here goes.

    You can drape it around the ceiling (corner of one wall to the other), tables, any arches or lattice work that is there, tie tulle bows to chairs or make a pouf ball for the chairs.

    Just play with it. There are so many ways to pull this off beautifully!
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  • Click answered 8 years ago
    put some pillars up and drape the tulle over them with flowers :o)
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  • I want to hang tulle at the reception site and need some ideas, can someone help me?
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