What are the must doing things in washington, DC on a 3 day trip?

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    When I went to DC, we were there for 3 days as well. On the First day we went to the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial. It was a great day and we had lots of fun, but be prepare to walk. On the second day we visited the Smithsonian's. Make sure you see the Museum of Natural History and the Air and Space Museum. The Holocaust Museum is interesting also. On the last day we went to Arlington and the National Zoo. Then we spent some time shopping. One of the best parts of this trip was that almost everything is free.

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    Three days. Here are (in my opinion) the must dos.

    1. Visit the memorials. A nice walk is to start at the Washington Monument, walk up the mall through the World War II Memorial, past the reflecting pool to the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, the Korean War Memorial to the LIncoln Memorial. Find where Martin Luther King stood on the memorial. If you still have some energy, then walk on to the Tidal Basin and visit the FDR memorial and the Jefferson Memorial. These are nice to visit at night.

    2. Pick a smithsonian museum according to your own likes, and visit it. Some of the best include the Air and Space Museum, the Natural HIstory Museum, the National Museum of the American Indian, but you might also visit one of the fantastic art Museums, the National Museum of American Art, the Hirschorn museum and sculpture garden (contemporary and modern), the African Art Museum, the Sackler and Freer (Asian Art, Freer also has a great Whistler collection). You might also check out the National GAllery of ARt.

    3. Walk around Capitol hill. Take a morning and get tickets to see the inside of the Capitol, you can also visit the Library of Congress, Supreme Court, the lovely Capitol grounds. Don't forget a quick visit to the nearby Japanese-American World War II memorial. If, of course, you like the knowledge that the US can admit when they are wrong, at least sometimes.

    4. Walk up Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol - Past the Navy Memorial, US Archives (stop by and see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution), FBI, FReedom Plaza, The Willard HOtel (where Martin Luther King wrote his "I have a dream" speech and the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" was written , past the treasury to the White house and Lafayette square. Wander around Lafayette Square.

    5. Visit a DC Neighborhood: Shaw, U-Street, Chinatown, Adams Morgan, Georgetown, whatever. See how the real city lives. Have a good dinner.

    6. Get to the Kennedy Center at 6 PM for a Millennium stage production (free in the big hall near the river). If you like come a couple hours early and catch one of the great tours.

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    Spend a day at the Mall and go to the Smithsonian, Washington Monument and Lincoln. On another day, check out Georgetown and the waterfront. Loads of activity and great shopping/restaurants. There are great restaurants all around the city, so plan some good meals. Depends on if you like art, but the Corcoran is fabulous. Other suggestions, Holocaust museum and the spy museum.

    Source(s): Lived in DC for 7 years.
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    The Holocaust museum, but it's hard to get in, the best way to do it is sign up for a membership and then you get 2 free tickets and you get to cut the long line and you get in first!!! also the Air and Space Museum is aw some and you must see an Imax show!!! Also the museum of American history is closed for renovations till the summer of 2008, but some of the artifacts like Edison's light bulb, Abraham Lincolns hat, and many others are at the Air and Space museum for you to see. Ford's theater is also pretty cool but get there early because there's usually a long line to get in, and then right across the street is the house in which Abraham Lincoln died and you can go in there too.

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    The Smithsonian is extensive and additionally you will could prioritize what you want to work available considering you in basic terms have 3 days in Washington D.C. particular, Arlington national Cemetary is very well worth the bypass to. additionally worth seeing is the Washington Monument, Lincoln Monument, WW II Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, FBI Museum, The Bureau of Printing and Engraving, and The national Zoo.

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    see the whitehouse...from the outside, the inside really isnt worth the time or money. washington monument, smithsonian museums. go to georgetown for good shopping and dining. also, great dim sum places in china town. walk along the water to the lincoln memorial or if youre feeling adventurous, rent one of the paddle boats and go out on the water.

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    I would do the Washington Monument, the Washington National Cathedral, and Ben's Chili Bowl!

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    If you like seafood eat at Phillips Flagship. It is a buffet for $28.00. A little pricey but worth it. It is on the Washington Channel right off of I-395

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    Others have offered a lot of good ideas, but the one Smithsonian bldg. I really liked was the Museum of African Art. I thought it was unusual, and extremely interesting.

    I bought a CD of African music, and it's become one of my favorites.

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    lincoln memorial. washington memorial. world war 2 memorial. holocaust museum. espn center. lincoln's place of death which is across the street from where he was shot. mount vernon is very beautiful.

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