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Crash diet?

Whats a crash diet?

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    Crash diets are quick temporary weight loss strategies; however your body simply cannot remain healthy if you stay on severely restrictive diets for very long. Most common are diuretics or laxities which results in water weight lose. This weight will come right back when regular eating habits are resumed.

    Some of the more recently developed crash diets involve limiting or essentially eliminating carbohydrates and increasing protein and or fat consumption. Protein Power, Carbohydrate Addict's Program, Sugar Busters, and Dr. Atkin's diets have all received considerable media attention. Although some people see these as effective measures for short-term weight loss for otherwise healthy people, most nutritionists and doctors would recommend forgoing the short term benefits of fad diets such as these with a healthier, long-term diet and exercise program.

    Tips to Avoid a Diet Hoax:

    *Forget products featured in advertisements that promising miracles.

    *Avoid diets that have very stringent guide lines and/or tell you to stop eating certain foods; it is difficult and no fun to follow strict eating regimens.

    *Watch for simplistic conclusions drawn from a complex study. Remain cautious of diets that promise a quick fix.

    *Always reassess dramatic statements that are refuted by reputable scientific organizations.

    *Diets listing "good" and "bad" foods often lead to failure.

    *Be wary of recommendations based on a single study.

    *If it sounds too good to be true…Well, you know the rest. It is!

    Be Well!

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    A crash diet is a diet where you are eating very low calories all in the name of losing weight. They are very unhealthy even though they accomplish the purpose in the short term. The long term, however, hurts you in a lot of ways. Some of those diets are HCG, the grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, etc. The common trend is that they require under 1000 calories to lose weight.

    What are the effects? -- The body is an amazing thing. It knows how to regulate itself. If you do a crash diet, your body senses it through a hormone called leptin. Leptin tells the brain whether the body is starving or not. When you're on a crash diet, it tells the brain that the body is starving. As a result, the body starts to store fat. This doesn't happen immediately, so you can lose a decent amount of weight initially. As it continues, however, you usually hit a brick wall and stop losing weight. The long term effects are a crashed metabolism and probably becoming leptin resistant. This means that your body won't know when to stop eating and you will most likely gain more weight than you had on before the diet. As I mentioned, it also slows down the metabolism, so you don't burn fat as quickly.

    When is it okay? -- I'd say that the only time I'd consider the crash dieting is if you're extremely obese. That's a huge health risk all on its own, so losing the weight is critical. That said, you definitely want to consult your doctor before doing anything like that, and work with them while doing it.

    What are the healthy ways to lose weight? -- The best ways to lose weight are to eat healthy other words natural foods. Much of the food we eat today is full of garbage that hurts our bodies. If it's processed, don't eat it. If it's natural, go for it. Exercise is key too. The type of exercise you do though is also important. You want the exercise you do to get your heart rate up to about 80% for 10 - 20 minutes. There are types of exercises that you can do called HIIT (high intensity interval training) that are best. It's too much to get into here, but if you want more info. on it just download my free report from and read up on it.

    The conclusion here is to just put good things into your body and don't restrict yourself. At the same time, be wise in how much you're eating and you'll be alright.

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    When people go on traditional weight loss diet plans. They lose some weight and then after a while they gain it all back plus some more. The result is an endless cycle of so-called Yo-Yo diets that eventually leads to even more weight gain over the long term.

    In other words, the majority of people do not make eating healthy a way of life. Severely restricting your calorific intake and going on a crash diet will probably set you up to fail in the long run. It is not a hundred-meter sprint it is a marathon.

    A long-term approach is what is needed, something you can keep up with and follow through with on a daily basis.

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    When the person stops eating pretty much everything for just a few days. They do this in the hopes of dropping a few pounds before an event, usually, like a wedding or class reunion. They make no effort to keep the weight off (if they lose any at all) and gain it back within a fewa days.

    Crash diets are especially bad because they leave you weak, hungry, weaken your immune system and screw up your metabolism.

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    Traditional weight loss programs require a diet of between 800 to about 1500 calorie consumptions a day. Crash diets are ones which require you to eat at or below 800 calories day are considered VLCD which are far below the recommended 2,000 calories a day for women and 2,500 calories a day for men. Examples are the Grapefruit Diet, Hollywood Diet, or Optifast VLCD. These VLCD diets rely on eating a lot of the same low-calorie food items throughout the day. They are used for short-term weight loss for obese individuals.

    PROS: You could lose as much as 3 to 5 pounds a week on a VLCD program. It has shown success in obese individuals with BMI of over 30 and significant weight loss can improve your overall health and alleviate signs of blood pressure and diabetes.

    CONS: These diets must be done under medical supervision and you must be examined by a doctor first as unmonitored dieting could be very dangerous. These diets may not be suitable for you if you have certain pre-existing medical conditions, are on certain medications or are pregnant or breast-feeding. They deprive you of many essential food groups, particularly carbohydrates, which could adversely effect your metabolism. Research has shown that VLCD may directly or indirectly lead to gallstone formation. You can achieve similar results with other diets in just a little more time. Rebound rates are quite high with VLCD programs and many dieters regain their lost weight. To avoid regaining the weight, usually a regimen of dietary counseling and exercise regimen is recommended.

    The best weight to lose weight is to change your lifestyle. For more information check us out at and feel free to share your comments.

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    Crash dieting is similar to quitting smoking cold turkey, except crash dieting can have adverse side-effects on the body, aside from acheiving what your goals are.

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    Crash dieting is a diet program where you severely reduce your calorie intake, film actors, athletes and mountain climbers too go on such kind of rigorous program. They can adversely affect the individual following such program affecting their metabolism and usually not suggested. You

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    It's an unhealthy, extreme diet meant to cause rapid weight-loss. People can usually only stay on them for a few days because they're so strict and can cause illness. You'll usually gain back the weight quickly when you go off of it.

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    you know those people that wait till the last minute to study for exams and they study for 3 days and don't sleep and they look like they got hit by a truck when they show up to take the test and then they are surprised when they fail. IT'S JUST LIKE THAT ONLY WITH DIETING. starve yourself to lose weight and when it doesn't work people can't understand why they aren't healthy.

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