Anyone here know anything about spiders?

What are the big, black spiders that are around in the UK, they must the biggest in the UK. My friend says 'Wolf Spider', but another friend says there don't exist in British wildlife.

Help clear it up, please?!

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    Don't know what black spiders you are talking about, I've seen a few different types of big black spiders in England and I haven't got a clue about the names of them.

    According to Wolf Spiders do live in the U.K. Here is a graph showing the areas of the world where they live:

    The green areas are the places where Wolf Spiders live.

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    Wolf Spiders are found in the Northwestern states of America, such as Oregon and Washington state.

    The Wikipedia definition could be useful as well from the fella above.

    I was once told they are the Common Brown House Spider but that sounds a bit iffy in it's definition.

    I once found a spider in a flat in London which was so big, the span of it's legs wouldn't fit under a pint glass. I had to use a big serving bowl to cover it and it took me about 4 hours to muster up the courage to get close enough to it.

    You could try this guy's website if you aren't squeamish:

    And also look at this other guy's amazing product......

    I gotta have one!!

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    Note - this is UK specific. The original question was about UK. Some of the answers above seem to be about US.

    Tegenaria - this is the house spider order.

    Some example species:

    gigantea (the really big dark ones) or

    domestica (not so big and lighter colour)

    Two of the most common species of house spider.

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    I have just looked at my insect book and found out that 'Wolf Spiders' that there are thirty seven types that exist in Britain. Our largest wolf spider is called 'Tarentula Fabrilis'. The female is larger but they are only found in Dorset UK.

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    Go to Google. Type in "Big Black Spiders, UK"

    Just did it. Lots of information. You'll be the expert after that.

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    I think the are called wolf spiders too, they live in my shed and the biggest I have seen was probably about 3" in diameter (quite frankly you could have saddled it up and gone on a ride out!). I looked on google and they looked the same.

    Mcr UK

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    Did you know that the Daddy Long Legs is the most deadly spider in the world. More so than the Black Widow or Brown Recluse. But since it cannot open its mouth wide enought to bite a human, there is nothing to worry about.

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    Wolf spiders exist in the British Isles, however they only grow to a centimetre or two in span. I know the ones you are talking about, however every time I see one scuttling towards me I do everything to forget they exist, I get nightmares otherwise.

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    I hate them and they scare me but the black ones are male and the brown ones you may see in your house are the female ones.

    Apparently, spiders are very poisonous in the UK but do not have enough venom to actually harm anyone. I hate them all and its making me nervous writing this!

  • 4 years ago

    A swift stomp by a size 10 boot

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