Anyone heard of HD dimension corp.?

I got their email related to job openings- URGENT REQUIREMENT FOR JP MORGAN,LEHMAN BROTHERS.UBS,OHIO SAVINGS BANK, training fee is $500 and Job Opportunity (100 % Guaranteed) it a scam? anyone knows? thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi all,

    I yesterday also got the email from HD dimension corp., my first impression was this is to good to be true. But you never know, so I checked it out.

    I first Googled "Bench salary" (I am not familiar with the term), and found (former) employees from other companies with bad experiences with "Bench salary" agreements.

    In the Google results I also found other people asking questions about the legality of the this, such as the job search engine (see link please):

    Also, in the Google results, I found a line "employment agreement", wherein was written that in total Chinese 'immigrants' have to pay 200,000RMP (more than 26,000USD), to get hired, visa work, training, etc. (please see link):

    As an other answerer wrote, 'things don't add up'.

    There are to many doubts and questions about this whole thing. I guess the best jobs are the hardest to get.

    I just place this answer, because I don't like greedy and fraudulent people or organizations.

    Now I have to listen to some nice Erik Satie music so I know that there are also good things in the world ;)

  • 1 decade ago

    I also was contacted by this company. I went as far as doing 2 interviews and they both just did not add up. They did not ask any questions that I thought were important when recruiting for a position. They sent me no paper work other than the same fluff about salary and benefits. I can't even find any information about them other than their web site and this blog. I checked the Better Business Bureau and they said that HD Dimension Corp. was not a member and they requested info. from them and did not get a response.

    Things don't add up!!

  • 1 decade ago

    I got a call, then was sent this email that said in part:

    "Training Fee : $1500 upfront (to be paid by the candidate),because we will guarantee you a full time job with a minimum of $ 50K to $ 55K per annum initially with a definite chance of salary hike (10 %) twice a year and medical benefits 22 days paid annual leaves ……"

    It most likely is a scam.

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