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Protest the Pittsburgh Pirates - June 30th, 2007 !!!!!!!!!!!?

On Saturday June 30, 2007, the truly faithful Pittsburgh Pirate fans intend to demonstrate their frustration with the team. I’m not talking about the team on the field; I’m talking of course about the ownership group (Kevin McClatchy & Bob Nutting) who is now responsible for 14 consecutive losing seasons and a jumpstart start on the 15th. Should the bucs make it to 15 seasons, they would tie the record for most consecutive losing seasons in professional sports history. Yes, that’s correct - not just a baseball record, a pro sports record.

The demonstration calls for all Pirate fans to sport green shirts to the game that evening. This would represent the money the fans generate through ticket sales and merchandising. At the end of the third inning all fans should get up and walk out of PNC Park. This demonstration signifies the exit of the money from the fans.

Do u think this will help the Pirates coach organization get there fuc@#$ a$$ in gear and fix this damn baseball team or what

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    The President of the Pirates organization and all of his underlings are not placed there by the electoral process or - let's face it - they would have done something to improve your team by now or they would already be gone. It is therefore up to the fans of the Pirates, people like YOU - to start small and create a bigger wave so they will get off their duffs and start making positive things happen on the field. There is no better way to begin expressing your displeasure at the current state of things in the Pirates than to stage your walkout, but what about afterwards?

    Though I live in the west and am a Yankees fan (my imaginary therapist says I was dropped on my head once too many times when I was younger), I have relatives in the Pittsburgh area and totally understand your plight - you deserve much better than the current Pirate organization has to offer.

    A walkout might be effective judging by the media attention Baltimore's walkout not too many moons ago garnered, but unless YOU STAY AWAY FROM THE PARK WITHOUT PAYING FOR TICKETS IN THE FIRST PLACE, you are never going to get the ownership's undivided attention. Sure, a walkout makes a point, but the tickets are already bought.

    Once the turnstiles stop clicking on a more regular basis, however, maybe the bigwigs behind the big desks will start to care a little more. More permanent solutions apparently are going to require a basic grassroots campaign because management obviously will not take the initial steps to rectify the situation on its own, and it is fans like you - the supposed little guy - who will in the end make the difference and help the Pirate organization recover from this present period of below-average teams. It is through campaigns outside the ballpark (get signatures to send to the brass decrying the lousy state of baseball in your fair city!), radio call-in shows, or ANYTHING THAT WILL GET THE MEDIA'S ATTENTION BECAUSE THEY ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR STORIES that you will help you start to turn things around.

    No, it isn't going to be easy and you will sometimes think that no one really cares, but people are funny when they feel that they are a part of a successful cause - things just start to snowball.

    The key is not to simply lie back and take it, because the Pirates are YOUR team, not the owner's, and if you and other Pirate fans can draw attention in a manner that doesn't make you appear to be a quart short of a gallon, so to speak, you may have a chance of turning things around there. Isn't this the "American Way"? Make your point in a tasteful, though eye-catching way that will make people sit up and take notice, as well as get the attention of the people in the front office. Believe me - once the money stops coming into the coffers in a significant amount and the sentiment of the Pittsburgh area is known, they will either get out of town and sell the team to someone who cares, or - more than likely they will start efforts to put a team together that can compete once again like the former great Pirate teams did.

    Best of luck! I like happy relatives! They are easier to visit!

    KES :-)

    Source(s): Not to be rude, but the dumbest thing we can do as sports fans is PAY TO ATTEND A GAME if we are unhappy about things. Players strike, so why can't fans? Really - how long can an organization survive if nobody pays to walk through the turnstiles, and the fans turn their attention to something else? Believe it or not, there are plenty of wholesome, interesting activities to do ANYWHERE if one simply uses his or her imagination and seeks something away from the ball park! A couple empty stadiums with no one to watch, buy concessions, or anything else related to the game will have nothing less than AN EARTHSHAKING AFFECT on all involved - it is predictable.
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    I am a die-hard Cubs fan. I have dealt with plenty of losing seasons. You're either a fan or your not. Do you really think you can organize this "walk-out" effectively?...and if so, how does you stealing innings from yourself hurt a millionaire(s) several times over? You paid for the ticket. You already gave them money. Organize a real boycott. Don't go to the game at all. Better yet, stop stessing yourself out. Find another hobby. These people (the ownership) are making money hundreds of other ways and one low attendance night will not affect them in the slightest...I assure you.

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    Its not the answer, but it is a start! Unfortunately, as you said, the owners only care about how much they can line their pockets with. If fans start boycotting games, especially the ones with the free give-aways, maybe ownership will start getting the message. MLB should mandate that ALL owners spend a certain percentage of profits on fielding a competitive team. If a team refuses, hold back the revenue sharing money from the owners and give them one more chance to fix it or sell the team to people that will. Until these owners are FORCED to be competitive, they won't.

    Source(s): Life-long Pirate fan and fed up!
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    You shouldn't feel to bad. Look at the Red Sox. It took us a hundred years to win a world series, Big $$$$ to sign key players and then the willingness to trade off one or more quality players for a pitcher or 2. Pitching is the most important man on the team. But you need your homerun guys and then a couple all star quality performers in the infeild and the outfield. Your catcher should be a hitter besides just calling the pitches. For your walkout you should get everyfan to agree to sit in one section maybe everybody opposite the Pittsburgh dugout so the team and manager can see you all leave the park at the same time. Good Luck. :-) I liked the Ralph Kiner days now there was a hitter for you. He liked to play home run derby with fellow homerun hitters in his day.

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    Most people that go to pirates games aren't season ticket holders or devoted fans, they are there for a fun day and the promotion (PIT has some of the best promotions in the league, trying so hard to sell tickets), and aren't going to protest the game. The bucs office hasen't even acknowledged the protest and it really doesn't look like it will work very well.

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    Think of what you are saying, what are you boycotting??

    You buy a ticket, pay for parking, enter the stadium and

    pay for concessions, and then walk're not boycotting

    anything, you already gave them your money....

    I do agree however, that the Pirates are a laughing stock,

    and for 15 years thats ridiculous, especially considering how

    competitive the organization was in the 70's and early 90's.

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    Do you know what it is like to be a Washington nationals fan,before the season even started ,the concensus said 100 losses or more.And there was thoughts that this area cant support 2 baseball teams[BALT--WASH],they were right,this area cant SUPPORT 2 baseball teams,fan attendance is horrible.LOVE your pirates while you got them,you dont know how much you love them until they are gone.[1971 SENATORS]

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    I would gladly support it. I'm a yankee fan but it's disgusting how some owners only care about putting money in their pockets than caring about improving the team.

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    I feel for you guys. Here in Philly we get the honor of celebrating the 10,000th loss by this pathetic, dreadful organization.

    I can't make it to Steel City for your demonstration, but I'll be there in spirit.

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    i hope so feel srry 4 u guys.. greedy bastards .. u should throw toilet paper rolls and or make signs.. also call local talk radioto get the word out..

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