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Do any banks give out 10-15 million dollar loans?

I am going to buy a famous spa in Nevada and need a loan for 25-30 million. Probably splitting that with my brother and he will get a loan for that much. He will own 25% of the company.

I am never done anything bad with the law, I am pre approved...I never had a loan before, my slate is clean of anything good or bad.

Would I be able to just walk up and ask for this (with my brother separately) ?

Details please.

I have no idea....if not a loan what should I do?

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    They would have no problem lending you the money if you could show them that you have an existing profitable business generating about $5 million net income yearly for the past 3 years.

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    10 Million Dollar Loan

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    Well first, don't talk with any of these overseas scammers!

    I can't give you 10 million but If your credit score is around 680, I can pair you with a business who cosigns with you for a larger sum, you get up to $15,000, they pay back the loan within 6-8 months from investments and get a substantial return.

    You will receive a boost in your score plus some cash. Everything is done face to face. No upfront money.

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    well, if your credit is good, and you have savings about 1 million, then you should prepare financial statements and goto the bank and apply for the loan. they won't give it to you, unless you can prove you've made that much money in the past. otherwise, your wasting your time.

    you have to be detailed and show figures that you can make profit, and pay off the high interest the bank will charge. all this must be provided in your financial statement.

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