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I just watched BET's Award Show... It was fantastic! What was your?

favorite part of the show? Although I cried when the tribute to Gerald Levert came on... I fell off the couch when I saw Chaka Khan, Erykah Badu and Bootsey Collins! I tell you what... we got some talented people in our community.. Do we not?


To videoproduction... I noticed 50 cent lip synced also. That was a trip! You do have a good eye!

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    I was highly disappointed. I felt that first of all, why did they completely disregard the gospel artists this year? Yes Yolanda Adams performed in the tribute...but nobody got to perform a gospel song. I am not going to complain about obvious audio problems..because it was things like that happen. I loved it when Diana..called out someone basically saying you don't have to say the F Word to have longevity..Loved it. But why did Jennifer Hudson win Best New Artist when she doesn't even have an album..or a single? The show was flawed yes...but maybe they will watch it back and realize the mistakes and improve for next year....but I loved Monique's well as Beyonce's performance..I was a little disappointed they didn't even acknowledge Tony Thompson..I know he wasn't a legend but I think he was at least worth mentioning....Although it did have a lot of problems BET has the best award show

    Oh yeah must add this...why did Diddy lip synch everything?

    I don't know if 50's mic just wasn't working..but I did notice he was having some sort of problem.

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    I thought it was just OK. I wish they would have had some singers sing some James Brown songs instead of Public Enemy doing the whole tribute.

    I loved the tribute to Diana Ross. I loved how all her kids were there. I would have liked to hear Alicia Keys sing a song of hers. I loved when Ms. Ross stated that artists doesn't have to use such profanity in their music to gain fame.

    The tribute to Gerald Levert was good.

    I loved how they had Jennifer Hudson, and Jennifer Holiday sing the duet.

    I enjoyed T.I.'s performance.

    Instead of Monique doing Beyonce again, I felt she should have done another artist. It would have been more interesting.

    I didn't know about John Cheadle doing humanitary work for the past few years. He deserved that award. He is a very good actor.

    I also liked how Monique had her dancers, showing the confidence that big girls can dance and have fun.

    Mrs. Ceesay, we do have some talented people in our community.

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    The show to me missed something,but I will say that there were many outstanding performances:

    I enjoyed Ciara,T.I.,Ne-Yo,they all did their thing,but for me,the top performances were when they had the Gerald Levert tribute,we really went to church,i was glad that the audience and some of todays artists could hear real singing,the diana ross tribute,which was a long time coming,she looks good for 63,but the james brown tribute really set it off:Say It Loud,I'm Black and I'm Proud,great to see Bootsy Collins,who played with james in the early years..overall,those were great

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    I thought the BET Awards had good performances. Monique did a good job with her performance but the performance with Beyonce', Monique, and Kelly was my favorite of the night. What makes it so bad is that I was really looking forward to 50 Cent performing his song Amusement Park which I'm a big fan of and I get really happy when I catch the video or hear the song on the radio but, he messed his performance up terribly when he didn't rap any of the first verse to the song and to make matters worst, his song only has two verses! I thought that was really stupid and he was the one person I wanted to see if I couldn't see anybody else. To me, he had the worst performance of the night, which I would've never guessed. I hope he never does that again!

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  • It was very entertaining, so many akward moments! They're were white people holding up the black power sign when they were singing" I'm black and I'm proud"(lol akward), Monique had a hard time dancing she looked worn out!! Tryin so hard to be like her idol Beyonce!!! Ciara's perfomance was hot, so was p.diddy and Keisha even though I don't care to much for that song,but it sounded great when they did it on the awards show. I don't really have a favorite part but I almost fell alseep when Wesley Snipes came up there I kept wishin he would sit down somewhere.

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    I loved the DC Reunion. I liked TI performance...although I hated his pants were sagging. But I really love me some T.I. Was it just me, or does anyone else believe his kissing Tiny was just to appease her?

    I liked Monique's performance, but her first one was better. She didn't really have the routine down.

    The tribute to Gerald and Diana was good. Both Jennifers were great.

    And poor 50...what in the world was going on with him? It really seemed like he had an attitude. He's crazy.

    And Puffy...he could have stayed home. Everyone sang live and he comes out lip singing. Retarded!! And Keyshia looked like she may have been drunk, but I can't wait for her new CD. Oh, and I'm ready for Alicia to drop her new CD too. OH, and Kelly too.

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    I liked the whole thing.

    The tribute to Dianah Ross and James Brown was good

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    i was glad that neyo won .and i love beyounce,but i love patti labelle ,she is my all time favorite

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    i hardly watch bet anymore cuz i get tired of seeing the same music videos over and over again all day long

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