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Why does Joe torre put Proctor in the ninth inning of a tie game?

How long is his love affair with proctor going to continue? stretching proctor 3 innings in san francisco? and now you put him in in the ninth inning of a tie game when mariano should be on a mound so he doesn't get rusty? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    The moment he put Proctor in i knew they where going to lose. I'm starting to wonder what is going on with some of torre's decision when it comes to pitching decisions lately.

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    I didn't see the last inning but somebody at my house told me that thats what happened and when i found out i was totally disgusted !Torre is not a great manager out of 1 to 10 hes probably like 4 .Sometimes when like i watched old games there used to be people from the yankees on base on the ninth inning and we were trailing like 3 to 2 or 5 to 4 and it was somebody like Giambi on 1st base with no outs and Joe Torre didnt call a pitch runner.Those days i got really mad because we lost because of not calling a pinch runner!!

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    Proctor is a long reliever, it's actually his job to try to get many innings to spare the rest of the bullpen.

    When a game expects to go to extras, you don't know if you'll be playing 10, 13, 18 or 26 innings. So, your best bet is to try to get the most out of every reliever.

    In extras, the closer, Rivera should be ready if they get into real trouble, such as the go-ahead run finds himself in scoring position. Then, he would finish that inning and likely pitch the next one.

    To see my point, look at Game 4 of the NLCS, which went to 18 innings. Every pitcher managed two innings once they got into extras. It's part of the game. You expect nine innings, but once those are over, no one knows how long they'll need to go.

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    Proctor is Torre's go to guy. The only thing is that he goes to him all the time. I know that Mo is not that young these days, but come on, he has got to go to him in those crucial spots. Just when I thought that they were on the right track, they lose 6 of their last 7. Torre has to go, and its a good thing Joe Girardi did not take the o's job.

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    What does it matter? If you can't score you can't win. The Yankees are a shot team. They should have rebooted 5 years ago. They had their run. They wanted to keep it going so they went for big name free agents hoping it would be enough of a shot in the arm to put them back on top. Well it didn't work out. Now it's time to clean house. They should dump all of these millionaires and cut ticket prices in half.

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    Because Joe Torre is Joe Torre.

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    Sounds like Torre's just planning for his next job.

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    OH MY GOD how stupid was THAT?!?! wow..i was freaking out during that stupid inning. i have nooo idea why he'd do something so mind-numbingly stupid

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    well then you manage the yankees it you have a problem with it so much

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