what are the best hunting knives to buy.?

i am looking in to buying a very good hunting knife what are one of the best brands to get.

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    KA-BAR is one of the better knife makers I know of.

    Here are some of their hunting ones, https://www.kabar.com/product_search.jsp?categoryI...

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    I have a Kershaw that I have had for 20 years and it still holds an edge for many skinnings. The thing to decide is what type of knife you need and what you will be doing with it. If you are talking about a rigid blade design then you want to look for something with a very high carbon content. (Carbon in the steel makes it hard, it will hold an edge longer than a low carbon blade but it takes longer to sharpen) Also look for a blade that has some Molybdenum content, this takes the brittleness out of the carbon, without decreasing the strength and hardness (so the blade is less likely to chip or snap). If you are looking at a stainless steel blade, make sure that it is made out of surgical grade stainless.

    If the knife maker doesn't have a listing of the type of steel then odds are it is crap.

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    4 years ago

    Buck makes some very good knives at a very competative price. When selecting a knife, look for something with what is called "belly". that is the curve of the cutting side of the blade as it nears the tip. A good bit of belly makes the knife better for skinning. Do not get a blade that is too long. A blade of 4 to 5 inches in length is ideal for deer size game animals. Look for a knife that has a slip resistant handle material such as Kryton. Kryton will resist getting slippery when it is wet with blood. Some examples of Buck knives that I think are excellent chioces are "the Skinner" at $78, "the Vanguard" at $86, "the Gen 5 Skinner" at $88 or if you are wanting to spend a considerable bit more, you can get a hand crafted "Gen 5 Guitar" for a mere $420. I also like a folding knife for a hunting knife and "the 55" at $54 is a good choice. All of the prices are Manufacturers suggested retail. You can often find them at lesser prices if you shop around at places like Wal-Mart. One brand of knife that I like is Cold Steel. They have one hunting knife that I really like and it is the"Master Hunter" Not a pretty knife but one that is all business. An excellent knife. Another of their knives that is really nice is the Pendleton Hunter. One bit of advice, do not get a knife with a gut hook. they seem like a good idea but are hard to sharpen properly and soon are not used but are still in the way.

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    Ka-Bar knives aren't as good as they used to be. Buck knives are good, but if you have $ to spend there are better.

    Cold Steele is one of the absolute best knives out there! Benchmade is another good one.

    My advise would be go to a Sportsman's or Cabala's or Bass Pro(if you can), or at least to a local gun/knife shop and try to talk to people who actually hunt.

    I don't have $ to spend, so I have a Buck Zipper w/a gut hook that I really like.

    I would though get a rubber handle and not a wood one. Wood looks pretty, but when you're gutting an animal, it gets messy and the wood handles become slippery.

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    As for me, I have a buck Mini Alpha that I love, it is not a large style hunting knife, but it is very handy, and stays sharp all the way through the job of dressing an animal.


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    The best hunting knives to buy can be cold steel tac series which would be perfect for survival situations and provides a tools to safeguard yourself.

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    I've got to agree. cold steel is probably the best made. They cost but are worth every penny. Buck makes some good knives. Kersaw also makes good knives. You usually get what you pay for.

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    You could not go wrong buying an Old Timer by Schrade. A real good knife for the price.

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    get a buck knife for skinning and cleaning and a bowie knife made by frost cutlery its strong and cheap with a 10 inch blade for actually hunting with like when you go hog hunting

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    I am a big fan of CRKT knives but their RC value are a little lower than the others so If i were you i would look into Buck Alpha hunters

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