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who is the first black player in professional baseball ?

not who you've been told.

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    1878 Bud Fowler is the first known professional black player on an integrated team when he plays in Lynn (IA) exhibition games.

    05-01-1884 Moses Fleetwood Walker is the first black major league player and he goes 0-3 with Toledo of the American Association.

    10-01-1885 The Cuban Giants are organized by Frank P. Thompson and become the first group of professional black players.

    06-16-1886 The Southern League of Colored Base Ballists is the first pro black sports league, play their first game, but dissolve in August.

    05-06-1887 The National Colored League plays its first game, Gorhams 11 vs Keystones 8. The league will dissolve ten days later.

    07-17-1903 Dan McClellan is the first black pitcher to throw a perfect game, Cuban X-Giants 5 vs Penn Park Athletic Club of York 0.

    09-03-1906 The first ***** Championship Cup goes to the Philadelphia Giants 3 vs the Cuban X-Giants 2.

    02-13-1920 The first successful league, the National ***** Baseball League, is formed by Rube Foster.

    1924 The first "***** World Series" is played between the ***** Eastern League and National ***** Leagues.

    1938 Chet Brewer is the first black-American player to enter the Mexican League.


    Jackie Robinson is the first black player to sign a formal / major league contract : Montreal Royals.


    Jackie Robinson is the first black minor leaguer (International League) in a game: Royals versus the Jersey City Little Giants.


    Jackie Robinson plays his first major league game as a Brooklyn Dodger becoming the first modern black player.


    Jackie Robinson plays his second game and gets the first hit by a black player - a bunt that he beats out.


    Jackie Robinson becomes the first black player to steal home plate as he gets his first of nineteen career home steals.


    Larry Doby is the first black player and pinch hitter in the American League: Cleveland Indians.

    08-26-1947 Dan Bankhead is the first black pitcher to play in a major league game (Brooklyn Dodgers) AND the first black player to hit a home run in his first major league at-bat.


    Jackie Robinson is the first black player to win a Rookie of the Year Award and does so during the award's first year it's ever issued.


    Jackie Robinson and Dan Bankhead are the first black players to appear in a World Series.


    Jackie Robinson is the first black player to lead a league in stolen bases: National League 29.

    08-13-1948 Satchel Paige is the first black pitcher in an American League game: Cleveland Indians (he

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    Part of the reason that Jackie Robinson is considered the first black player in Major League Baseball is because Major League Baseball did not begin until 1903. Before this, there were a few other leagues (National League, American League, American Association, National Association of Professional Baseball Clubs), two of which (National League and American League) thatjoined together to create the MLB. Therefore, Jackie Robinson is technically the first black person to play Major League Baseball. There were black people that played in a predominantly white league before, but not in the MLB. One guy who should get more recognition though is Larry Doby. He started playing in the MLB only a few days after Jackie Robinson. Doby was the first black player in the American League, with the Cleveland Indians. I think that if they are going to recognize Jackie Robinson like they do, Larry Doby should recieve the same recognition.

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    Moses Fleetwood Walker was a catcher for Baltimore back in the early 1880s. His brother Welday played a little in the outfield toward the end of that year (1882?). These were the first two blacks in the major leagues, and Moses Fleetwood was the cause of the color line being made. The Chicago manager, Hall of Famer Cap Anson, saw Moses Fleetwood warming up the Baltimore pitcher and yelled, "Get that n----- off the field!" The Baltimore mangager refused, and Anson let it go for the year, but in the winter meetings used his influence to institute baseball's color line, broken by Jackie Robinson.

    If ever there was a squat who should be removed from the Hall it's Anson. I've done just a little research on the guy and he was bad all around.

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    Once again... it was Bud Fowler 1871 or 1872, became the first Black professional baseball player, albeit with a non-league team. There were several black ball players before Moses Fleetwood Walker. But Walker, a catcher, was the first black player to appear with a major-league ball club in 1884, the Toledo Blue Stockings American Association.

    William Edward White: 1879-80 was another ahead of Walker, but like Fowler, a pro, but with a non-league club.

    Source(s): 50-year baseball fan
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    Professional baseball is any team or player that receives pay for their play. That means every ***** League player was professional.

    Now if you mean the official "Organized Baseball" meaning players affilated with Major League teams in the majors or minors that would be one of the players from the old American Association in the 1880's.

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    this is not enough information to let people to know your question. The question should have where, when, or what.

    Do you think that the question is being to MLB or other baseball league?

    Jackie Robinson is first black player in professional baseball.

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    Sol White and Frank Grant 1880's

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    Jackie Roosevelt Robinson.

    Are you a fan.

    This is a wierd question for anyone that likes or follows baseball

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    The players on the first ***** League teams

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    Moses Walker played for Toledo of the American Association in 1884. He had a brother named Welday that also played for Toledo that season.

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