Who are the top tier wireless carriers in Germany?

Which wireless carriers have the most subscribers in Germany?

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    The four top tier German wireless carriers are:

    T-Mobile - http://www.t-mobile.de/ 2005 (38.1 % share)

    Vodafone - http://www.vodafone.de/ 2005 (37.4 % share)

    ePlus - http://www.eplus.de/ (2005 13.2 % share)

    O2 - http://www.de.o2.com/ (2005 11.3 % share)

    These carriers actually own cell towers and infrastructure. They aren't just re-packaging someone else's network the way that Mobilcom ( http://www.mobilcom.de/ ) appears to be doing.

    In the German language wiki entry given in the references, the second paragraph under the "Deutschland" heading gives the 2005 market percentages:

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    German Wireless Carriers

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