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Which is the better product? Panda Antivirus 2007 or Spybot search and destroy?

I was given a free computer with Microsoft XP professional. The previous owner was using Spybot Search and Destroy, and I have bought Panda Antivirus 2007. Which is the better product?

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    spybot s&d is a great program. but panda isnt verry good at all. it will consume all your rescources. you might want to try avast personal home 4.0 personal for your anti virus software. and spybot isnt an anti virus software it is for adware and spybots, which are just as bad. you will want to have at least these three programs.....

    an antivirus software ie... avast

    a spybot program ie... spybot S&D

    and an adware program ie... ad-aware se personal

    all these are free! and all work like a charm!

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    spybot is just anti adware/spyware, it's not a real antivirus program. Spybot is necessary since Panda doesn't detect all adware. So you use them both.

    Ideally is to use 2 different anti adware-s, one antivirus and one firewall( some antivirus programs include firewall too)

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    both, but you didnt had to buy panda anti.

    do you want to know a very good antivirus, use the active virus shield its placed in the number 3 on the top ten antivirus, and its powered by the number 1, kaspersky.

    but the best of all, is that is free!!!

    if you want to get it:

    on google, write: active virus shield registration code

    then, click on get started and follow the direction, the registration code is gonne be sended to your e-mail

    trust me, that antyvirus erased 27 troyans that the nod32 couldnt delete

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    a friend of mine put the panda thing on his computer, with the same windows as you. messed up the computer. had to pay alot t ofix it. i would stay with the spybot

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    Use both one cleans viruses the other spyware

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