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how can christians think that they are the ones really being persecuted?

For all american history, most skeptics have had to choose the safer option of being quiet about their beliefs because of the societal reprecussions. By significant margins, christians have declared on opinion polls, that they think that atheists are worst than any other group of people.

Now wonder much someone cries about a "godless liberal media", the truth is that you will face a lot less trouble evangelizing christianity than you would if you tried to "evangelize" with your skepticism.

The sad thing is how some christians think that they are persecuted holy martyrs when insanely "important" issues come up like prayer at high school football games or keeping the 10 commandments on courtroom walls.

what gives?


sorry big typo

Meant to say: matter how much someone cries about a "godless liberal.....

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    Their definition of persecution is not being allowed to create a christian theocracy.

    Any time they are told that they can not use government assets to force their religion on people they cry persecution.

    They apparently have no idea how ridiculous they sound to everyone else.

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  • kokal
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    appears like maximum persecution of Christians is the two from its cousins or from sectarian communities interior of itself. Burning down churches, pushing away Mormons and such tend to be from greater maximum important Protestant communities, which additionally make a contribution to the persecution of Catholics. So in spite of everything, the persecution isn't often any diverse than Jews being persecuted by ability of Christians and Muslims and different jews

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    IMPORTANT ISSUE: The Ten Commandments on a courtroom wall.

    This is VERY important, since ALL WESTERN LAW is derived fro the ten commandments.

    You can negate prayer some more, and you will have your brave new world, with 40% of American teens today graduating that have had some form of an STD. I would really be proud of that.

    Metal detectors in schools.

    Mass murder in schools.

    What causes this? We never had this problem before, WHY?

    Answer: GODLESS LIBERALS got their way, and we have been paying ever since we kicked God out of school.

    The way it looks, a little prayer definately is in order.

    Some morals in today's schools might help just a little.

    Or you can continue on with runaway STDs, drugs, rape, and murder in places that are supposed to be safe for kids to learn.

    Do you like killing kids just because you dont want 'morality' pushed on your kids?

    You are sick and really need help.

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    I don't think you pay much attention to the itty bitty news articles...or, the media has stopped writing or speaking about many of the arrests, citations, fines, etc.,. of the following (all within the US.....a LOT right here in my quiet home state of Wisconsin)

    1) If you are a Christian, WITH OR WITHOUT A BIBLE, you cannot be within a certain amt of feet from an abortion clinic because that is against the law.

    2) If you are sitting on a public bench, or at any public establishment or public place like at a beACH, CAMPGROUND, ETC.,..., you cannot have your bible where it can be seen....subject to a fine and or arrest

    3) If on Public transport, Bible has to stay out of sight...subject to a fine or arrest

    4) If within a certain amount of feet of a school of ANY kind except a Bible College, etc.,...., Bible must remain unseen ....subject to a fine or arrest

    5) School libraries have discarded almost all Christian material, however, in many that was looked at, the satanic bible, demonology, witchcraft books, numerology books, hypnosis books, ...even books on necromancy, etc.,. are still stocked

    These are only an example....and not everyone enforces them unless someone reports someone, then, according to law, they MUST write them up, etc.,.

    For a few years, you would hear of arrests of this sort, then, they weren't spoken of by media anymore...however, have known people whom were cited AND fined, etc.,.

    So, tell me are Christians NOT being singled out?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Christians are so used to holding the reigns of power in this country that they believe that if you tell them to relinquish some of the power that you are persecuting them.

    For example they honestly believe that the banning of all government-lead prayer in school is a way of persecuting them because if prayer was allowed, and because they are in the majority and have all the power, it logically follows that the school prayer would be christian. And by that logic they see the banning of organized prayer in public school is an attack on them.

    I know the logic makes no sense, but that's the way it is.

    Many christians think we should all have to live by the 10 commandments, even though they seem to forget that the first three ban the practice of all other religions, which in the US is not only unconstitutional but contrary to our most fundamental values.

    Finally, they want to force someone who wants to pledge allegiance to his country, to also pledge allegiance to God, or else their allegiance and patriotism is not wanted.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Many Christians prefer to follow the instruction to "be still and know that I am God".

    I can agree with your ascertations, even though you cite no reference. The problem is that you are saying the same thing you are accusing Christians of doing...only backwards.

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  • Today, the fake christians like in the Inqusition period of Spain, are the ones persecuting other beliefs in their own place. However, they willl be persecuted in places or countries where Christians are not the majority but unknown or very minor groups like maybe in Manchuria, in Tibet, Mongolia, etc. But the one who deceives these christians to persecute other peoples is satan. Satan creates troubles, hatred, confusion, division of opinions, wars and his demons incarnate as human beings like druglords, warlords, crimelords, moneylaundering lord, gambling lords, etc. THANKS GOD; FEAR GOD; PRAISE GOD; GLORIFY GOD; HONOR GOD; LOVE GOD AND WORSHIP GOD. Pls viist my website-

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  • 1 decade ago

    Christians in America are not persecuted at all unless they interpret adverse opinions or name calling as persecution.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I never thought about it before. You're right. And I feel your pain,bro. From now on I will always think of atheists as downtrodden and oppessed,a persecuted minority and the whole nine yards. How are you doing in that horrible ghetto anyway? Still livin' on grits?

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  • Millie
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    1 decade ago

    The only people persecuted in this world are all those considered "infidels"........think about it!!!

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