How to send/retreive pic sent to group?

I am having issues with a group I frequent trying to view attachments (that aren't stored) and send attachements. I don't see any place to attach a file when posting in the group and cannot view photos that others have sent. Is it just my computer settings or yahoo preferences? Thanx


Guesss you should have researched more moekittykitty. I found out it was because I was set for daily digest, not individual email. Thanks for your attempt.

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    The group's owner probably has the group set up to not allow attachments. If one is sent, Yahoo would automatically strip it before posting to the group. Photos sent as an attachment would be stripped in like manner.

    If the group owner has allowed attachments, then attachments could be sent but would leave members' computers wide open to possible viruses and malware.

    Go to the group's home page and click on "Settings" located on left side of screen. It will show if Email attachments are or are not permitted.

    Source(s): My own personal experience.
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