Freddy Krueger vs. Jason vs. Evil Chucky vs. the Dummy Magician?

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Freddy Krueger is a beast. Jason's got the strength and blade. Evil Chucky, well, he's just wierd, but scary and beasty. The Dummy magician (from Goose bumps: the dummies) more
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Actually, I'd go with Freddy because the dreamstalking, cleverness, and his sense of humor. Jason bores me with the overrated heavy breathing and clumsiness. Evil Chucky...oh, please. And, dummy magician? Haven't seen that one, but I'll make it 2nd choice just because I grew up reading R.L. Stine's Fear Street--way better than Goosebumps!


Dolls freaked me out, too ever since seeing Puppetmaster when I was younger...

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Excellent details, and Evil Chucky, is why I keep the lights on, wait, oh crap! He comes out in broad daylight! WAIT! No! Its, what was it ahain, ohh well, tallyho!
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  • Tilly answered 7 years ago
    well u wont like my chucky doll i have got i think no 1 will win because there all way evil i hopeing there making the movie freddyvsjason vs micheal that would be class
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  • HARMONYâ?«~â?«~â?«~* answered 7 years ago
    jason keeps coming back time after time!
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