How can blood be able to get into the bone easier to get rid of a staff infection?

I need a way to get the blood into or through by bones quicker or even through them because i have staff in my bones and antibiotics arn't strong enough to get into the bone.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    About the only things you can do on your own is to exercise and use ice or ice water several times each day for about 5-8 minutes each time. Wait for things to warm completely before applying ice again. The cold causes a local increase in blood flow for several minutes until the area becomes too cool, and then blood flow decreases, so you don't want to use ice for very long. It only works if ice is applied in a way that most of the limb and body remains warm. This works great for muscles, and it might help for bones. There is no guarantee this will work for bones.

    Any type of aerobic exercise will also help, particularly those exercises that uses the parts of your body that are infected.

    There are surgical procedures to increase blood flow: drilling and grafting.

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    blood is made in your bones, so technically its already there. depending on what kind of staph it is it may just take a while to get rid of, the longest and hardest to get rid of is the MRSA. hopefully you dont have that one, but reguardless, you just have to wait or seek a second medical opinion, there may be a doctor who prefers to treat with different drugs that what you are on.

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