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In Eddie Izzard's "Glorious," he mentions a "Mrs. Badcrumble"?

in the role of god's mum. There is uproarious laughter at this, so he adds an aside that "she's just my clarinet teacher..."

Is she in fact some kind of pop culture figure in the UK? I'm from the US and I've never heard of her. This was the one joke that I didn't really get.

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    No, "Mrs Badcrumble" is a character he talks a lot about on one of his previous stand up tours. So obviously the fans recoginised the name from that. I can't remember what the other show was though, it could have been "Definite Article"

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    It was Definite Article. He goes into this long explanation of how he learned the clarinet, terribly un-sexy, and the imaginary teacher Mrs. Badcrumble.

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