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Rita asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 1 decade ago

BALANCE a state of being in proportion. There must be discords to achieve Harmony???

What do you think???Can we really have a balance in our lives???

Rest, Work, Play, Serve, Learn, Teach, Give, Receive.........Love

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    PERCEIVED discords create disharmony. DUALITIES that "seem" in conflict. The balance is right there--just hold out your hands, palms up, equally spaced. Bring them together. The "balance" & harmony already exist. Disharmony is created by humans. I have balance in my life. I have never meditated. I don't think or feel in dichotomies. Balance is far more easy than imbalance.

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    Balance is desirable, balance is an ally of recognition.

    An individual in balance is more capable of tracing

    the forces which might throw the individual off balance.

    Consider that an individual might be off balance by

    the combination of many forces. Therefore, the individual

    who attains balance can focus in on any cause which

    might tilt the balance; the forces are more isolated and

    synchronous. Sustaining equilibrium is much

    easier if an individual knows, has experienced,

    the state of equilibrium and has a point of reference for

    maintaining, or re-achieving, the state.

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    If one is able to obtain peace it is through the absolvement of life and wordly pleasures such as Work,Play,Serve,Learn,Teach,Give,Receive one must meditiate and rest to achieve inner harmony.

  • Alex
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    Only IF you mean within(inner) our lives. You will, in your physical lifetime, always perceive this: Male / Female, + / -, Up / down, etc. So, it's either one or the other; no balace there. To find balance you need to transcend this situation while still here using your inner senses.

    Good luck!

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