who is the father of nutrition in the philippines?why he is consideres as fatrher of nutrition in the phil?


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    Antoine Lavoisieris known as , the "Father of Nutrition and Chemistry" discovered the details of metabolism, demonstrating that the oxidation of food is the source of body heat.


    Lavoisier also discovered that the 'inflammable air' of Henry Cavendish, which he had termed hydrogen (Greek for "water-former"), combined with oxygen to produce a dew, as Joseph Priestley had reported, which appeared to be water.

    Lavoisier's work was partly based on the work of Priestley.

    However, he tried to take credit for Priestley's discoveries.

    This tendency to use the results of others without acknowledgment, then draw conclusions of his own, is said to be characteristic of Lavoisier.

    In "Sur la combustion en général" ("On Combustion in general," 1777) and "Considérations Générales sur la Nature des Acides" ("General Considerations on the Nature of Acids," 1778), he demonstrated that the "air" responsible for combustion was also the source of acidity. In 1779, he named this part of the air "oxygen" (Greek for "becoming sharp" because he claimed that the sharp taste of acids came from oxygen), and the other "azote" (Greek for "no life"). In "Réflexions sur la Phlogistique" ("Reflections on Phlogiston," 1783), Lavoisier showed the phlogiston theory to be inconsistent.

    Some of Lavoisier's most important experiments examined the nature of combustion, or burning.

    Through these experiments, he demonstrated that burning is a process that involves the combination of a substance with oxygen.

    He also demonstrated the role of oxygen in metal rusting, as well as its role in animal and plant respiration.

    Working with Pierre-Simon Laplace, Lavoisier conducted experiments that showed that respiration was essentially a slow combustion of organic material using inhaled oxygen.

    Lavoisier's explanation of combustion replaced the phlogiston theory, which postulates that materials release a substance called phlogiston when they burn.

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