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When will you be informed the date of joining the Greek army?

Hello everyone :)

I would like to find out when a Greek citizen ll be informed on the date of joining the Greek Army?

When ll be the official letter sent? few months in advanced or in due course or one month before army begins? (He has finished his studies and due to serve the army this year!)

I would also like to find out if they need to spend at least one month to prepare? ie. check up or examination at hospital or filling in paperworks or etc?

It would be nice if anyone or whom served the army recently to tell me or explain how the Greek army works? What is the procedures or what needed to be done?

Does the Greek army has a fixed date on when army begins? ie. like in summer or winter? or they will wait for enough people then held the training or everyday there are new citizen joining the army? How does it works?

I hope you would be able to help me and answers those questions as much as possible and Im looking fwd to tat!

Im sorry for the trouble but thank u :)

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    Usually the letter is sent one month in advance, and they call you on the phone as well for the exact date.

    You can join the army on fixed dates in August, November, and June I think. It does not depend on you though, but on the army.

    If your friend has finished his studies he has to inform the army immediately, in order to arrange the dates.

    You have to take some examimantions at the hospital before you enter, but that does not take much time, maybe a week or so.

    And check out this site

    Good luck.

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    at least one month in advance

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