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dental practices for sale?????

can someone give me a website like yahoo real estate, but to find dental practices for sale in washington state?????


its for my mom, and yes she has a license.

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    You should get in touch with the Washington State Dental Association. They should have a list of dental practices that are for sale.

    Just keep in mind you need to be eligible for licensure to practice in Washington State to start / own / buy into / buy outright a dental practice there.. If you are not a dentist, it would be illegal for you to buy a dental practice anywhere in the U.S... If you are and I am preaching to the choir, please disregard. :-D

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Washington State Dental Association:
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    Search on google. There are many brokers and real estate companies that deal specially in dental offices. Depending on your budget your mom can select an office and contact the broker in the area. When she is buying the office she will generally pay a price equivalent to the last 12 month account recievable. So whatever the previous dentist has made in the last 1 year is about how much your mom will be paying. Hope this helps!

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