What painkillers are allowed and available in Greece?

This is a serious question so only serious answers please.

I heard that Myolostane is not allowed overthere and also Dafalgan Codeine.I also take Brufen Forte 600mg.

So what is available? I've got serious backpaines also the legs and have to take about 10-12 pills a day.

Thanks in advance.


I have Hernia of the spinal cord and sclorosis of the legs/hips and have several specialists so I only take those medicines under doctors order and always under perscription writen by the Doctors..

It's taking them or getting Morfine, what I won't like.

Update 2:

to Christine:Serious answers I've asked, you have draged yourself away here with your scenario of an airport.

First of all I'm not a drug adict I really need my medicines or I die of pain!

And by the way if that would ever happen it would be a political scandal on TV and against human rights with a court case against the airport and the gouvernement.

Yes I have all the papers of the best Specialists of Belgium.

By the way all Doctors have to swear the oath of Hippocrates (yes Greek!), means that they have to suply all medical need for people who really need it.

I can't believe that Greece would be so backwards, infact they are the inventers of the Doctors AND Medicines!

Update 3:

to Ranania:

I can't have normal operation anymore only by laser price costs about 75000 Euro in neighbor country Germany.

Update 4:

To I.C: Well I know that it can damage my liver, stomag AND kidney's, I'm not stupid, if I don't take them I die of the pain (hart) that's it.So my choise is quickly made better some pills then pain and by the way I take a stomag protector pill and my blood gets frequent checked and is still good and I hope it stays that way.here in Belgium they take normal in this case Morphine stickers what I refuse, or a Morphine pomp inplant.

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    I know that in order to carry certain prescription painkillers you have to have documentation. Sadly, that's all I know on that end.

    As for what's available - if you are talking about what's available without prescription - there are all the 'normal' painkillers - aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and even Aleve.

    If you require a stronger painkiller, with something like codeine/oxycontin or other habit-forming opiate, you would need a doctor's prescription. It would have to be a Greek doctor's prescription, and they are very, very reluctant to give you anything like this, although these drugs are carried by pharmacies.

    Even if you went with a regular doctor's prescription from your home country and asked for a Greek doctor to write you the same, they will often refuse. The Greeks don't mind some pain - even a lot of pain. They are very nervous about opiates.

    The myolastan is a benzo - so this would fall under the 'habit forming' drugs which are highly regulated.

    ***update: If you are thinking of visiting Greece, contact your local Greek consulate and ask them what documentation would be required to carry your medication with you. Be specific about what sorts of meds you are talking about (opiates and benzos.) Then, pack what they tell you to pack but keep your head down - the less exposure to authorities the better.

    If you are thinking of relocating to Greece, I would strongly recommend that you reconsider in light of your pain management needs. I wasn't joking when I said the Greeks don't like to prescribe strong painkillers - even for terminal situations, people are often not given appropriate or enough meds.

    ***Update: Look, I gave a serious answer. I never doubted your genuine need for painkillers - I've been working with disabled people for my entire life and am familiar with what's involved in pain management.

    As for my 'fantastic airport scenario', I can only say that I wish it were so fantastic. I've removed it as you were so offended.

    There have been many such 'scandals' but it doesn't change anything. You might want to do more research about Greek scandals involving arresting innocent people for every manner of contrived offense. The Greek system is to arrest first, ask questions later.

    They are that backwards. Why do you suppose that the many Greeks on this forum aren't answering your question? I would guess it's because they have NO experience with strong painkillers - it's not part of their culture to treat pain seriously.

    I know terminal cancer patients who've killed themselves because they were refused proper painkillers in Greece.

    If you don't like my answer, I'm okay with that. I do hope that you enjoy Greece and have no problems. I guess my personal experience of living in Greece is a moot point, as you seem to know so much more about how things work there.

    Source(s): Lived in Greece for two years.
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    Brufen are available in Greek pharmacies (200, 400 and 600 mg). Also Advil are available. I have very often headackes and the last 3 years that those pain killers are available in Greece I am very happy about it ... :)

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    Anything with any amount of codeine is illegal in Greece, and can be dealt with very severly.

    I don't know if you can get a dispensation to use it, from the Greek authorities.

    But it is not enough just that you were prescribed it.

    This is a serious answer, you'd better find out for definite. It's not worth the risk not to.

    Maybe this is out of date, it was like that for sure, about 10 years ago.

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    Just keep in mind that if you need to take over the counter medicines like alleve, Tylenol etc.. in high doses and frequent dosing you need to have blood tests done to monitor your liver function.

    you can severely damage your liver when taking over the counter meds with this kind of dossing.

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    Is there any surgery available to correct the defect you mentioned ?

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    I was here on Yahoo Answers for something else, then this question was displayed on the sidebar...

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