How do i fix this relationship?

Ok i am 15, my gf is 15, well she used to be my gf, we got in a huge fight like two weeks ago and we broke up, she said i'm not datin you again until you change your ways and treat me better, but here is the real problem, we talk everyday and we get into ******* fights, she uses all the ******* examples about how i am a bf and i tell her all this crap, and if i try to use examples it makes me look bad and then even worse cause after the fight is over she asks me if i really meant it and i have to to say no or it will start another fight and she asks me why did u say that then i say i dont know and that starts a hole new fight and she gets ticked at me for things i dont even realize i do, like not ten minutes ago she wanted me to post a comment on my yearbook about her battles and i put vote for her, she is so sexy, and she gets ticked because its a battle about 2 babies with baby pictures, boy babys, and she thinks its gonna lower her points and junk (more details coming).


She gets all this money and stuff for winning battles and she says she is gonna buy me something on the website for me and she says i act like i dont even care, well i dont f u c k ing for her battles cause she DEMANDS me to, she says she demands me because i never did it when she asked at first, well i kept forgetin, takes me a while to remember new stuff but now that i do remember i get ticked when she orders me and i dont vote then more fights, so how the f u c k ing hell do i solve this and get my relationship back on track?

Update 2:

We are long distance dating, we met here on yahoo answers and me talk over the phone and net everyday. We have met in person several times and the last time before all this started we kinda had sex, not really sex, just penetration with a condom on.

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    Just give in to her demands.

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    Why do you want to fix the relationship? That is the first question you should ask yourself. I personally think that you should learn from the good and the bad that the two of you have gone through and move on. It is what is best for both of you and if you choose not to move on but to work it out maybe it would be a good idea to agree with each other that instead of fighting you two talk about the situation with maturity. Yes you are young to be in a gf/bf relationship but I see this as a good way to learn and grow in many different ways. Please wait for a few more years to have sex...that just complicates everything.

    Good Luck

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    I am thirty and I really don't know. I think maybe her parents might fight alot. Is her mom or dad a control freak/ Because I am just seeing her control you for the rest of you alls life together. She sounds mean! Good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    ive seen this question posted up 3 different, time

    A. organize your thoughts

    B. Form a short and to the point question with a problem

    no ones gonna really want to sit and read your novel of a question sheesh

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    Sometimes relationships aren't meant to work and this sounds like one of them. You guys are fighting over such small things and she seems to just flip out over nothing. If she thinks it's just you that needs to change your ways, she's wrong.

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    1 decade ago

    low tolarant people are not the best. but it seems that she is not the one for you and you are probley think io dont want to. but somtimes in life you have got to move on she aint going to change and nether are you so get real mate she aint worth it.

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    1 decade ago

    she seems a little 'high drama' and too demanding for me. Anyone that tries to change you isnt for you. Move on.

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    why dont you write her a letter and tell her how you feel. nd tell her if your goin to change than she needs to do her part and change as well. communication is the key to a healthy relationship! tell her u love her but she makes it hard to love her!

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    you need to move on and let her know you are a person. you need to get a new friend and let her know you have feelns also

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