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tap dancing music!!! HELP NEEDED!!!!?

ok, so it's going to be a solo and it needs to be fast but not crazy. i was thinking either 80's pop or something michael buble`. I'm trying to go for the classic tap dance style, but any song is good for me! ***don't list songs like: zoot suit riot or footloose because they are overused at dance competitions thanks!!***


some songs i thought of were:

love shack by the B-52's

rock the casbah by the clash

insurance? by the higher

moondance by michael buble'

hump de bump by red hot chili peppers

and hit me up by gia farrell.

i know that most of them aren't for classical tapping but i did an agressive hip hop number this year and i wanted to switch it up this year.

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    Umm here are a few that i have done dances to over the years...

    Candyman- Christina Aguilera

    City Lights- Eq

    Get up off of that thing- James Brown

    Danger Zone- Kenny Loggins

    Mambo No.5- Lou Bega

    Work me down- Laura Hunter( Probably better for jazz)

    Wild Wild West- One Hit Wonders

    Girl next door- Saving Jane(though it is slow you can speed it up)

    AGood luck on your dance..Hope I helped you!

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    Slap That Bass--- Shall We Dance

    Steppin' Out With My Baby--- Easter Parade

    Puttin' On The Ritz--- Blue Skies

    Broadway Melody Ballet---Singin' In The Rain( please note that don't dance it all for this one because after the solo then you need someone else to dance with you. And it's not ballet although it's named " Ballet" . )

    I also know a good tap-dancing solo but I don't know what it's called. It's probably from the movie HOLIDAY INN and after the song Song Of Freedom. Fred Astaire danced it. Ask the other Yahoo! members!

    It's doesn't matter if it doesn't have lyrics, right? You only need the dance. You no need to worry if it isn't interesting anymore because Astaire ( and Astaire was a famous professionist, right? ) just danced as good. Remember to bring some firecrackers with you. It makes the dance more dazzling, exciting and lively than ever.

    Good luck for your solo! :]

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    Hit Me Up from the movie Happy Feet

    i've always wanted someone to use that song for a tap solo!

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    Hump de Bump would be a really good one. You could get really creative with that one. It looks like you have a really good list of songs going. Someone else said "Trashin' the camp" from the Tarzan soundtrack and that could be REALLY cool! There is also a really good song on the soundtrack to "The Firm" with Tom Cruise. It is the first song on the cd. Anyway, I like that you are going the more classical route. Good luck on your routine!!!

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    u should check out America's Best Dance Crew. It's a show on MTV and they had a group who were tap dancers and they incorporated some purdy neat stuff into their dance. You should totally take a look at it for some inspiration. (^-^)

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    I'd find some Billy Idol & make it work. But, that's because I love billy idol...

    What Is Love by Haddaway (i think) Nice rhythm.

    Heartbreaker Pat Benatar. < I did a fabulous jazz solo to this a LONG time ago... But, it think it'd work for classical tap.

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    Black Horse and a Cherry Tree-K.T. Tunstall

    Trashin' the Camp-Tarzan Soundtrack

    Candyman-Christina Aguilera

    Cotton Eyed Joe-???

    Good luck with your solo!!!

  • My daughter's tap group danced to Orinoco Flow one year & they did VERY well at competition. It was really a classy tap number.

  • almost anything from the movie Rent. we danced to that and got high ratings and all were like they have never herd those songs used before. some days you gotta dance by the Dixie chicks.

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    my friend jessica did one 2 aint no other man - christina aguleria and it was really cute. she did some good classic tap but had personality & some really cool trick moves...hope i helped

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