My closest and dearest friends are guys and my boyfriend hates that. I do everything with them like camping and hiking and my anual week that we stay at my lake house. My boyfriend hates me hanging out with them what should I do? I can't just not hang out with them there like my brothers, but i really like my boyfriend.


I forgot to mention that I put both my friends and my boyfriend in the same room and they didn't get along. My friends didn't think he was good enough for me.

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    do what your heart desires! if you feel your friends are more important than your bf than do that or vice versa! if not talk to your bf and explain to him that they are just like your brothers and invite him to all the hang outs u guys have! good luck!

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    you can go out with your guy friends anytime you like and anywhere when you are single but now that you have a boyfriend, things will change. in everything you're going to do, you have to consider your boyfriends feelings. in a relationship it's not only you that matters now, it's two of you. talk to him about it, and next time you want to go hiking with your friends or other stuffs, why not bring your boyfriend along or bring some of your girl friends?

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    Time to grow up dear ... either you want to keep having overnighters with your buds or you want your boyfriend happy. And, seriously, if your bf was going camping and hanging out for the week at a lakehouse with a couple of girls, you wouldn't be jealous??? Yeah right. You know you would be.

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    uhmm in my other side, if i am ur boyfriend, i would be jealous also, coz we were scared if u lost us, i mean were scared if u and ur closest and dearest friends would be developed with each other, u know it really hurts a lot, and ur boyfriend has othing to do then, what if ur closest friend will court you? what would u do? u know, he will say, am super dupper close to u gurl, why dont give me chance?lets just see what happens then.

    is that much hurt with ur bf then? he really dont know what your doin there with ur closest friends, he will just always thinks of u every hour and everyminutes...he cant say u did bad coz he never seen u with them...

    well i advice, if u dont want to loose ur closest friend and ur dearest friends, when u go out somewhere soon, just try to invite ur bf, meet him with ur friends, and stay close to him.. and then tel him, DONT BE JELOUS! AM ALL YOUR'S HONEY!

    good luck gurl..

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    Be who you are and hang around who YOU want!

    Friends are forever when a boyfriend might be for now. Your boyfriend is jealous because he is scared you will leave him for your guy friends. It just means you should have a talk with your boyfriend and work on your trust with him.

    Please, don't stop hanging out with your friends because your boyfriend doesn't like it! Tell him to grow up and accept you have friends that are guys. Because girls can be *****'s to hand out with.lol...

    Maybe invite your boyfriend to come hang out with your guy friends and you so he can see you are just friends with them..

    Good luck and do what's best for you!

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    im sorry to tell you this but me and my girlfriend are the same way i mean grant it im only 14 but shes always like hugging other guys and paling around and that kind of stuff nothing to serious but i still HATE it and yes i get jealous..trust me when you have a b/f he wants to be the only guy you ever talk to only guy you ever see or talk about he wants you to be all his but no you shouldent just leave your friends becuz of him..maybe invte him along with you guys so he can see theres nothing going on or just maybe dont hang out with them quite as much you know the lil things..hope this helps and i have a question maybe you can help me out

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    Invite EVERYONE to your ANNUAL stay at your lake house. Maybe he will see there is nothing to worry about? Sounds like you would rather be with you friends instead of your boyfriend, just my opinion.

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    Its natural for your boyfriend to be that way. Just try put yourself in his shoe. Maybe you could introduce your friends to your boyfriend, to let him know that these guys are nice.

    Well every problem has a solution!

    Take care..

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    Well, HONESTLY how would u feel if ur boyfriend did all that stuff w/ other grls?? my opinion is take it from his point of view. Another thing is maybe u can invite him 2 do all those things w/ u+ur guy friends.........

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    You need to sit down and tell him that you love him and have no other intention. If you just like him then yeah he will be jealous but if you love him, then there is no reason.

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