what college should I go to...to become a phycholigist?

How many years is the college?

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    I am studing that and I go USU because they have one of the best graduate programs for Marriage and Family Counseling you can find!!! But they have a great psychologist program and it is also one of the best! I did a lot of research before I decided on there! good luck! it depends on your field of choice! But under grad is 4 years minimum and 5 to 8 for a graduate depending on what field mine is 6. I am doing the graduate program for marriage and family counseling so that I can treat eatig disorders like anorexia and bulimia!

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    first, learning how to spell your potential career would be the dandy.

    second i suggest you learn to how to gramatically correct your sentences because you sound like a 9 year old.

    third, go to collegeboard.com and go through the process like everybody else in the entire history of the college-attending world. no one is going to tell you what college to go to, its all a matter of preference and most colleges offer that general major, but some are better than others. check out collegeboard.com

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    I here University Of South Carolina has a very good medicinal program, especially in the area of psychology. You can try there. I think usually it takes about 4 to 8 years, maybe more if you want a higher degree.

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    Believe me, no college will take you until you learn to spell.

    It requires a PhD.

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