is it possible for a man and a woman to have a real friendship?

I think that there is always some degree of atracction... what do u think?

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    Although I don't think it is impossible, I do believe that it is extremely difficult for a man and woman to be "just friends" over the long haul.

    The reason: Men and women think differently related to the opposite sex. Men are very visual and are stimulated sexually by what most women would consider to be non-sexual cues.

    Women are not nearly as visually stimulated but are stimulated mentally and emotionally when a man seems to care about what they think and what they feel. It makes us feel close to them.

    There is an old adage that I think holds true even today. It is:

    Men will give love to get sex

    Women will give sex to get love.

    (Not that they both can't enjoy both, but the stimulus is different.

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    I think it is possible, and I do not believe there is always some degree of attraction, if you are talking on a strictly physical level. I have known my best friend Robbie since we were in the third grade. He is married, and I was 'best person' at his wedding 20 years ago. We still talk at least once every couple of weeks. We still e-mail every week. And although he is really good looking, we have never been attracted to each other in that way. So the theories are obviously wrong. Robbie and I are living proof.

    PS - How in the HELL could this response get a thumbs down? I've had a friendship since 3rd grade with a guy...and there is NO attraction between us. Never has been. How can you THUMBS DOWN a FACT??

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    Guys would generally rather spend their precious free time with a GIRLFRIEND - or LOVER - instead of a girl who is NIETHER.

    This may change once he is much older and the "sex" issue between them is totally out of the way.

    There is not "always" a degree of "attraction" as you suggest, but men see the fun in sleeping with a friend

    whereas women usually do not. It's because women tend to get all "confused about their feelings" ( if sex should happen) and that always complicates things, even if he can handle it.

    One thing is for SURE -->> Any man's WIFE (or girlfriend) would deffinitely NOT be OK with him seeing "a really good female friend" anyway . . . so even if he WANTED to be good friends with a woman, OTHER WOMEN would do their BEST to try and make it nearly impossible, and make him feel bad about it.

    -->>> "Hi honey, instead of coming home for dinner tonight, I thought I would meet my good friend 'Jennifer' for dinner tonight instead. We might catch a movie too."

    Hell would freeze over before a woman would ever allow THAT.

    So . . . NO . . . Men can NOT maintain a REAL friendship with a woman (even if they want to), unless at least ONE of them is lying to the other, or another woman.

    You can thank other women for that.



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    Attraction, physical is a natural thing it's what binds two people, but a mental or spiritual connection can be just has satisfyng if you mature enough. And I am talking about being an adult not a senior citizen. Some of my best friends are guys and some of my boy friends good friends are women. We support each other and offer a greater perception and envolve greator intrest. You must be careful though some times you can get overwhelmed ladies and looking for that greener grass can leave you on your @$$.

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    Yes and no. If a man is attracted to me and he makes friends with me it is no dice. For starters, because he has been deceitful by pretending to be my friend. For finality because if it is brotherly love, it smacks of incest.

    I have had lifelong and very close friendships and partnerships with both men and women. I think both are healthy. I have had to put an end to pretend friends. One or two still sneak by me on occassion.

    Love is nothing without respect and a friend or a lover knows how to respect you.

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    I have a lot of female friends. I dont know if they are attracted to me. Maybe they are, and to a degree I am attracted to them, but in any case I enjoy their friendship. Dont get me wrong, I date, but I think having friends of the opposite sex happens with maturity.

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    I believe that if you have a long term friendship between a boy and a girl, eventually one of you will have or will build an emotion that is the feeling you both of you becoming more than a friend.

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    I have some female friends...We have had plenty of opportunities to date each other but we agreed that we like our friendship and don't want to take the chance of ruining it due to dating each other....we have helped support each other after relationships with others have not worked out...

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    a women I dated didn't turn out to be a romantic connection but a real friendship...sure their is a degree of attraction but we now know it won't amount to anything more than being friends.

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    i think girls can be friends w/ guys if they honestly treat them like a brother but they might or might not end up liking them it depends if u get rly close 2 a guy u find out what he's rly like nd u might like that or u might not but most of the time there is an attraction.

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