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Mike asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Answers · 1 decade ago

Why do people answer questions when they dont know the answer to them?

I understand... its for the 2 points. But it makes them look dumb, and it is annoying. Are points that important, if you cheated to get them? Why wont Yahoo put a system in so you lose points when people are dumb and say, "sorry, I dont know", or are completely WRONG in their answer.

/rant off

/free points on

Yeah... and I expect a STAR for the 2 points you are getting.

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    Totally agree with you! There are some people who, I guess, are just that competitive. Right on with ur suggestion of a new system that deduct points for stupid answers. Maybe not wrong answers, maybe the person was just accidentally wrong, but for stupid answers, definately deducted for em. And sure, there's a star!

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    Well, I think there are actually a number of reasons why. Some people just like to get points. Then there are those who get off on using stupid or gross replies. There are also a number of them who 'think' they know the answer and blow it completely. And lest we not forget, the pure, unmitigated "jerks".

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    Hi B D, just wanted to say thanks for answering my previous question. As for your question, maybe these people are lonely and are looking to get some attention, or maybe it's like you said, they want to get the points, either way, there is nothing you can do to change it, so just let it go...

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    Maybe they feel that they've taken the time to read the question that they feel they should take the time to answer it as well. It's almost as if the question has been directly asked to them and they have to answer in one way or another.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    because they are dumb

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