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Can anyone recommend the best FREE image host to use with my eBay auctions?

I know there are many to choose from, I just don't know how to choose. I'd like a host that allows me to leave a large number of images up long-term, and also supports images for auction templates.

Can anyone out there tell me which free image host they prefer, and why?

Please, I'd prefer answers from people who have actually used a particular host and like it, rather than from people trying to sell me something. At this point I'm more interested in finding the best FREE hosting provider rather than investing in a paid solution.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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    Personally, I would tell you to use Image Shack. You can host files such as: jpg jpeg png gif bmp tif tiff swf, and they must be under 1.5 megabytes in file size. Also, you can upload an unlimited number of images.


    The bandwidth limit is 100 megabytes of transfer per hour.

    ( Visit )

    Good luck!

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    I've used photobucket, & image shack, but I think photobucket is easier to use. I have used photobucket for auction template images , but generally prefer to use my own hosting.

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    It's a large community and has been there for a long time.

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    it's free and rather popular

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