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Contacts help...!?

im getting contacts soon and im alittle nervous bout putting the contacts in my eyes if anyone has any tips or tricks on how to make tha contact go in easier and quicker plz help? ,also any other tips i should know bout with contacts?

Im a 15 yrs old male Serious answers only

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    se the pamplet the doctor have giving you. Take your time, use the tip of your finger. Make sure the lenses are push back to the cor of the eyes. With contacts lenses your eyes will stay dry, be very careful with handling the lenses they are so small you can lose them quickly. Good Luck

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    I, too, began wearing contacts at the age of 15 years.

    It does takes practice and some degree of patience on your part, but you'll get the hang of it!! It's quite simple actually.

    After washing your hands, all you do is put the lense on the tip of your finger, open you upper and lower lid with the opposite hand, LOOK STRAIT AHEAD, not at the contact (thats where people have difficulty because they want to look at the contact, up or down, or off to the side) and gently place the lense on your pupil. Let the lense come to your eye, not your eye to the lense! The moisture from your eye, and that from the solution on the lense will hold the lense in place. Close your eye for a second and voila!! the lense is in and you cant even tell it's there!

    I sure hope this helps!


    Good luck!

    Source(s): Been wearing contacts for over twenty years!
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    Try to relax and don't get frustrated. I've done countless instructionals on new contact lens wearers and the trick is to relax and do what the optician tells you to do.

    Practice holding your eyelids open. If you are right handed, you will use your left hand to pull the upper lid up, and the right hand will have your lens on the tip of your index finger, while the other fingers pull the lower lid down. When holding your upper lid up, it is important to get those lashes up! Get underneath them and literally pin them to your skull. if you don't get under the lashes, you will not be able to help yourself from blinking. You will need to keep your eye open at least as wide as the lens, so the further apart you call pull your lids, the better...

    If anyone in your home wears contacts, watch what they do...and pratice. Don't put their lenses in your eyes though...just practice the motions.

    So, go in there with an open mind and try not to stress out about it. Getting the first lens in is the hardest part and then its all down hill from there. I think most people are so weirded out by it because they think it will hurt. And honestly, it doesn't. it feels cold when the lens first touches you and it only takes a second or two for the lens to suck on. The nice thing about soft contacts is you can put them in anywhere on your eye. You don't have to place them directly on your can put them in off to the side and use your eyelids to guide them over to where they belong. So if your aim is off, its ok.

    Just remember that the optician is there to help you...

    Get a good night's sleep the night before and make sure your fingernails are short and clean.

    Source(s): me - certified Optician
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    The first time I put the contacts in my eyes it took me a lot of time!!! you will need a lot of patience.

    This is what worked for me:

    I recommend you to look at the mirror and your sight should be seeing the mirror while you are putting the contacts.

    It's so much easier this way than seeing at some other point while putting them, this just increase your fear.

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    the main thing to remember about putting in contacts is relax. that might be the last thing you feel like doing but it helps. i was totally freaked out when i first got contacts and thought it was going to hurt but it really doesn't at all. here is how i put them in:

    first you need to pick which eye you will do first. otherwise you run the risk of putting in the wrong contact. i always do the right one first.

    i scoop the contact out with the index finger on my right hand and make sure it isn't inside out. if it is inside out, the edges curve slightly outward. they should be round and smooth like a salad bowl.

    i use the pinky on my right hand to pull down my lower lid and the index finger on my left hand to pull my upper lid up.

    i always look away when i actually put the contact in. this really helped me to not be so scared, because i couldn't see it coming. i just look up at the celing.

    then i carefully place the contact on my eye.

    next, still holding my eye open with my pinky and index finger, i roll my eye around a few times with the contact sitting on the surface. this helps it stay on my eye. if i don't do this, then the second i blink, the contact will pop out.

    then i repeat these steps for the left eye keeping the hands the same. right index puts it in, right pinky on bottom, left index on top...

    always wash your hands before putting the contacts in. otherwise your eyes can get red and burn. absolutely make sure all the soap is off too. quickly check your contacts right before putting them in. many times i've found a little speck of something on them. nomatter how tiny it is, your eye will feel it.

    good luck!

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    Just relax and listen to the person who is showing you how to do it. The brain is designed to protect your eyes, so you will blink, look away and close your eyes. All of that is normal. Go to the site for Baush and lomb or vistakon (makers of acuvue) they both have great info for first time wearers. Good Luck : }

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    Just make sure your hands are clean when putting them in. If they're not, it can make your eyes red and burn.

    I use one hand to hold my eye open and use my pointer finger to put in my contact. Makes it easy for me.

    Once you start putting them in, it'll be simple for you.

    good luck!

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    Its hard to put them in at first but then it starts to get easier

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    i have done it ofr 15 yrs now dont be afraid just do it the way the dr shows you too

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