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INternet not working on labtop, help needed?

I have 3 computers in the house. one desktop PC and two labtops. One of the labtops I recently bought and the internet on it was working just fine. couple days ago I had a problem begin on the new labtop where I cant surf the web. Yet, the internet works just fine on the two other computers. the labtop indicates there is a good connection to the internet yet no internet activity could be done. every time I go on explorer there is just a white page and thats it. Im not sure if its a problem with explorer because programs like AIM also dont work. my internet connection is DSL and the labtop features windows vista and is the connection is wireless.

Any help as to how to fix the internet on the labtop would be greatly appreciated! :)

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    I would first try to connect the laptop through a wired connection that you know for sure is working. This will narrow down the cause of the issue.

    I would then reset the modem and router by removing power. Wait about 30 seconds then plug the modem back in. Allow about 2 min. for it to initiate then plug your router back in. allow about 1 min then turn your laptop on and search for the signal.

    This should reset all wireless connections.

    Good luck,

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    First off check your ethernet make sure you installed those drivers or that there they're


    Second thing Uninstall vista go buy Windows XP Home edition , vista is a load of crap,

    Third thing go into network setup and make sure you have it setup if none of these work call your ISP

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    Run network setup wizard on the screens that follow check this computer connects through another computer. choose the correct name and domain that you are on. finish setup wizard.

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    i hear alot of ppl have problems with vista. my browser does that sometimes as well, my internet is wireless so sometimes what works for me is i close the browser restart my computer refresh my network. try any of these

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