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What constitues child abuse?

simply swatting your child across the face with your hand?

Spanking with a belt buckle


I keep getting complaints from my childs school that they have too many burises

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    All of the above constitute child abuse. You are allowed to spank your child on the butt only with your hand, no belts , shoes, brooms etc.

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    Times have changed. There used to be a wood shed used as a whipping post. The word was spare the rod and spoil the child. That was then, this is now.

    If your childs school is complaining that your children have too many bruises, it is a red flag that you may be mistreating your children and you risk having them removed by child protective services. I think you should take a long hard look at your parenting skills and for the sake of your children reach out for help before someone is seriously hurt and there is forced intervention.

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    If you're hitting your children hard enough to leave bruises then you need to seek professional help. You need to learn to verbalize, instead of swinging your fists at the one's you love.

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