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What do you think?

Ok my ex-boyfriend, who's been flirting with me for a few weeks after we broke up was talking to me online, and he was laughing at me because of this joke earlier today, and i told him to shut the hell up in a joke and he said oh well I had to ask you something, but now I'm not cause you're mean, and it was all very childish, none of it was serious, but he still hasn't told me, what do you think he was gonna say, or at least about what?


I will ask him, but I want your opinions, and I still like him.

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    oh gosh, my ex did the same. it's usually a way of flirting for guys. they want to see you get all over them about the know...give them some attention...but who knows...everyone is diff i guess.

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    hmm give it time maybe he will still ask... dont ask him what he was going to say though just act like you could care less.

  • Well what i think is that you should just ask him "what was it that you wanted to tell me before?"

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    I DON'T KNOW,BUT He'S YOUR EX....................!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHY DON'T YOU MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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