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I just got my first period today.?

Luckly I had brown discharge the night befor and put on a pad like 15 minutes befor it happened. I am 11 years old and I wanted it s bad I was so happy I got it. I am thinking of wearing tampons what do you think?


You may remember me as the kid who was obssessing about it and reallty wonted it. Well I got it.

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    Glad you got your wish.

    Lets see how much longer you love it.

    Mybe you'll finally stop annoying the crap out of the forum.

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    So soon we'll be seeing you post questions about how to NOT have a period!

    :) I type that in a joking manner. I hoped and hoped for mine, then when I got it, I wish I never had it!

    Buy the slenderest lightest absorbency tampon for your first time. Read the instructions and warnings on the pamphlet. RELAX, and take your time. It took me forever for my first one. Use a mirror if you need assistance seeing down there.

    Since you just started, do NOT expect your period to be regular for at least a year. You may skip a month or two or four, you may have it every 20 days, just remember you won't be regular right away.

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    Good for you but I bet in several months you'll wish you would have waited a couple years longer for its nothing but a headache to go through every month for about 40yr more! Talk to your mother about tampons, they are ok but you are pretty young I think to have to use those. It will not be comfortable to use them just yet I don't think but you never know. Your still pretty young and will be maturing more the next few years. They also can cause a disease if not used properly. Good luck.

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    Congrads on starting your period! That's a sign of becoming a woman. As for the thing about tampons, i would say use whatever makes u feel most comfortable. Like when you go swimming a tampon would be best. Bu if u wanna use em then you should get yo mama 2go get you da best kind she knows of.

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    Congrats :)

    I would defiantly not use tampons right now, since you just started, it will probably be really uncomfortable to try using tampons. Just stick with pads for right now, they are easier to use.

    Here's some links that might help, in case you have any more questions or anything :)

    And remember, it's always a good idea to have an adult that you're comfortable talking with, like your mom or maybe an aunt, so you can ask them questions too :)

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    Congrats! Expects lots of changes from now I don't even know you and I'm excited for you! Anyways I'd say wait a little longer till your comfortable with the idea of having it and when you get a whole ritual and it becomes '"normal". Find out more info about tampons versus pads and make that decision for yourself. Again congrats!

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    I would wait a little bit before you start using tampoons.

    You really don't know how your flow is going to be. I think it's best to talk to your mom or an older girl who is experienced in that area. I started my period 5th grade summer and didn't start using tampoons until 8th grade.

    If you do start using tampoons change them every 4-8 hours. Do not leave them in longer than that. Please read about Toxic Shock Syndrome so you understand the importance of it.

    Good luck! Remember to do what's best for you!

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    Be sure you know how to put them in. They can cause you pain if not used th right way. Also be sure that you change it about every 2-3 hours! Also if you are a heavy bleeder you may have to use both. Good luck

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    how exciting?!

    i'd say start off with pads, then go on to small tampons like tampax compacts or something like that.

    just got to remember to change the tampons regularly because of toxic shock syndrome.

    again congratulations, you are now a young lady

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    Good for you! but i don't see nothing bad about it, if your happy and you wanted so bad "good for you." I don't know about you but as for me i don't use any tampons i used just regular ones . But just keep in mine that if you want to use tampons try to change it every 15 to 30 minutes, or less or whenever you feel like it.

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    You are too young to wear tampons. They cause you to have infections and have been proven to not be good. When I was younger I used tampons all the time, but I also kept getting infections. The day I decided to quit using them and listen to my doctor I have not had one infections. Read

    the warnings included in any brand of tampons.

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