Any tips on conceiving?

well of corse besides the obvious!

i have heard of stuff like not getting up 30 mins after having sex or drinking a lot of water during ovulation! well i am desperate to concive, i have been trying to for 11 months with no luck! please help!!!


no i dont smoke!

i do have a very healthy diet!

i know 11 months is alot,

and yes i am between the ages 17-37. way younger than 37!

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    aside from using the ovulation kits, having sex every other day around ovulation time, waiting 30 min after sex and elevated, and trying to avoid any stress (including the stress of conceiving) should maximize the 15-25% chance we have every month of conceiving. In the meantime to keep your spirits up.....I think God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers....maybe there's a reason its not time yet- but I hope your'e time is coming (along with mine!)

    After 12 months I would see a doctor if you already haven't-

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    For healthy couples (meaning couples who don't have a fertility problem) who are trying to conceive the problem usually is missing ovulation every month.

    Do you know for sure you ovulate? Have you tracked your cycles for when ovulation takes place for you? Are you having sex during that time? As easy as that sounds, it's usually the main reason why (fertile) couples have trouble conceiving. Not everyone ovulates on Day 14...having too much sex will lower his sperm RIGHT BEFORE ovulation is far more important than after.... these are some things that people get wrong.

    It's been 11 months, you could go see a fertility specialist for some tests. What I would suggest, though, since fertility specialists aren't cheap--is that you really tighten up your efforts for the next few cycles. Buy an ovulation predictor kit. Start having sex daily (but only ONCE a day) when you start testing and keep going until about 4 days after you get a positive. At least you'll 1) know for sure you ovulate and 2) know you're having sex when ovulation is taking place.

    Try this for a few cycles. If you never get a positive reading or if you do it and don't get pregnant, then see a specialist for testing. And by the way, BOTH of you need to go. Either of you could be the problem...if there is one.

    Good luck.

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    Keep having sex on a regular basis, find out when you are ovulationing, and be sure to have sex before and durning ovulation. If not pregnant after 6 months go and see a fertility specialist, for testing. Best Wishes!

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    Count the first day of your period as day one. On day 10, 12, 14,and 16 have intercourse with your man. If you have a regular 28 day cycle, you should ovulate on day 14.

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    wow. 11 months? if you are between the ages of 19-37, you should be in your prime.. if you go longer than 12 months, see a doctor.

    also, go to

    you can keep track of your menstral days & most fertile days.

    its great.

    best wishes and good luck!!

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    you should talk to a doctor about it. Or get an ovary count or a sperm count. You could go to the doctors to try and get pregnant alot of people i know have done that. Good luck!

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    Check out this site..It should help pin point when you are fertile and etc...

    Uh try to adapt a healthier lifestyle if you dont already..If you smoke,try to quit..

    Good Luck to you!!

    Also head to wal-mart and get you some prenatal vitamins...These will help prepare you're body for housing a child :)

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