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I spotted for 2 days and my period lasted 1/2 day is that normal?

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    You may be pregnant. You should buy a test and check it out in a day or so.

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    hi:) Congrats on your era! definite, it is common, the firs era is many times easy like this. it is going to possibly be unusual for a on an identical time as, besides the indisputable fact that it is going to stabilize, after which you will anticipate the calendar to make certain once you may anticipate your next:) you initiate based on the 1st day of your era, and once you attain 28 days, that's the day your next one starts. observe besides the indisputable fact that, that 28 days is barely the typical. something between sixteen and 35 is seen everyday:)

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    It depends how old you are. When I was pregnant with my first child I had a similiar experience. You are more than likely pregnant - you should wait a couple of weeks and if your period does not start go get a pregnancy test. (if you are congratulations) :)

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    My friend use to have really short periods and she went to her OBGYN and it turns out that her "hole" was the size of a pin so she got really minor same-day surgery, I went to go pick her up and she was fine, so if its that don't worry. Go see your gyno though.

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    ...i don't think so. of course, every body is different, but i've never heard of a period lasting a half a day. seems too short to me. i'd consult a doctor.

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    what do you mean you spotted

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