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Hi, my parents want me to get a new cell (i have a cheap 20 dollar one) and i reeeeeally want something like a sidekick. But the sidekick is only for T Mobile. We have cingular/AT&T. they will not change anything and i reeeeeeeeally want the sidekick. Is there anything like it for cingular? (i like the look of it and how i can slide it up and text so i dont really want the palm treo or anything) Thanks everyone!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    Well the closest thing to it for cingular would probably be the blackjack or you will have to go with a differnet style. I personally like the ROKR E1 and when mine breaks i will buy a new one on ebay and save my upgrade. I love it...but if you want internet and date and all of that the blackjack is the best choice. The keys are really close though and it probably takesa while to learn to type well. The SYNC is the flip version and it is pretty cool too. Those are my favorites.

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    the only way to get a sidekick for cingular is to get it unlocked. you have to buy it unlocked and it's really not worth it because you have to pay full price wich is very expensive like a few hundred $. it's also very hard to find. try looking on ebay

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    Oh, I have the same problem. I reallyy wanted the Sk3, but Cingular is our main man...o.o

    Well, I'm probably going to get the BlackBerry Pearl.

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    You can buy a unlocked phone that will work! Which you can just slide the sim card whem you get it. Here are some links to the sidekicks!`` enjoy!


    if you do get it, just insert ur old sim into the sidekick and it will work like that! woaa!

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  • Tony
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    1 decade ago

    You won't be able to use all functions, matter of fact you'll only be able to make calls. No int. txt etc... Sorry.

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    i dunno what your price range is but i would definetly get the iphone


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