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What are the 800+ 'detention(concentration)camps' for built by Gitmo KBR here in the USA?

When has there ever been a need for US to decide that people will have to be put in 'detention' camps here in this enormous number of over 800 across the US ALREADY STAFFED? What's going on?

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    They are being built for the coming martial law which will be declared after the next zionist-directed "terrorist attack"!!! All people who will resist the FINAL TAKE-OVER of THIS NATION by the suspension of our constitution WILL BE THROWN INTO THESE CAMPS!! These will mostly be White, Christian, Racially Conscious, Gun-toting, Patriotic Males who will naturally RESIST this rotten, filthy zionist-jew takeover of OUR country! If history is any warning, when they did this to Russia in 1917, THEY MURDERED MILLIONS OF WHITE CHRISTIANS AFTER THE TAKE-OVER! ANY criticism of the jews became punishable by DEATH!! This was THE FIRST LAW THEY PASSED!! BEWARE of the next "terrorist attack"!! It will BE the END of FREEDOM in this NATION!! BANK ON IT!!

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    well, we had german prisoners here back in ww2, and there were japanese detention camps too. Now we are dealing with arab combatants, so I would assume that if the camps are actually gonna be used and arent just pork given away to rich republican party donors that they would be for iraqis, iranians, or afghans. I doubt that they would bother keeping korean prisoners there, and we dont even bother with mexican lawbreakers anymore.

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